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LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Marketing Plan

MGT 103: Group K

Skye Vu

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Marketing Plan

... Amazing
SWOT Analysis
Target Markets
Expand LUSH's
franchise stores in
more countries

Develop a lotion line aimed
specifically for men

Create partnerships
or sponsorships with sustainable & organic
Points of Difference

Marketing and Product Objectives
Current Market
What is LUSH?
CEO: Kyly Vass
VP Marketing: Christine Wang
VP Market Research: Skye Vu
VP Advertising: Allan Wong
VP HR & Sales: Henry Wang

Industry Trends
Company Analysis
Cosmetics Industry
Organic Personal Care
Raw Ingredients
Eco-friendly production
No animal testing
Skincare is the largest subsection in the Cosmetics Industry
Natural & Ethical products
Appeals to wide range of women
Cheaper price than LUSH
The Body Shop
Fresh Ingredients = Expiration dates
LUSH's high price products, means
that consumers will opt for cheaper alternatives
Company purchases its sources of
ingredients from sustainable farmery
projects around the world.
Mark is a trained trichologist &
Liz is a beauty therapist

The two developed unique recipes for
natural & fresh ingredients
High end cosmetics
Target women over
age 30 with
financial stability

-Loyal customers "Lushers"
-Conscious about healthy behaviors
-Aware of the benefits of organic products
-Mostly women, ages 18-35
-Upper middle class
1970 Mark Constantine, a trained trichologist and Liz Weir, a beauty therapist first met in a hair studio in Poole, England

All organic, vegan, cruelty free, fairly traded, quite possibly magical cosmetics company.
Increase word-of mouth advertisement
Promote fight for animal rights and charity causes
Providing top quality products and customer service
New Market
Expanding to males, children and baby boomers
Expansion of new stores in centralized areas
New Product
Introduction to new wacky products and wackier names
In store product samples to identify new potential products
Grow market share with women, including teens and older women ages 45-55.
Market Lotion and body care to men.
To retain its current image as a premium all natural sustainable cosmetics company.

High quality fresh ingredients
Social media marketing
Recognized for Animal Rights
No traditional advertising
(Less exposure)
Organic products = expiration date

Unique, minimalistic 'naked' packaging
In store demonstration
Products are expensive -limit customers
Less stores than The Body Shop
In store demonstration = waste, if
customers don't purchase
Products of Value and Principles
Fresh and Organic
Quality and Ethics
Happy Company > Happy Products > Happy Consumers
Product Strategy
Typically retail for $25-35 for 8 oz. pot
Available in 10 different scents
Unique Product Quality: handmade, vegan, all natural products
Unique packaging: recyclable black pots
Price Strategy
Lush's top selling Dream Cream sells for $35
L'occitane top lotion Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream sells for $44
The Body Shop top lotion Shea Whip Body Lotion sells for $12
Target market: Generation Y, Millennials (Middle class women)
Offer online specials: 10-50% off
Promotion Strategy
In-store Demonstrations
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
LUSH Times Catalog
Online Coupons and Specials
Distributed globally and has 850 chain stores in 51 countries
Online: Amazon.com, instyle.com, totalbeauty.com
LUSH & Competitors

Both Industries's DEMANDS ARE increasing every year
Handmade and Organic
Charity Pot
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Customer & Company Relationship
Social Advocacy and Fighting Animal Testing
Primary new target: Women ages 15-55
People who are supportive of organic products
People who want to fight for animal rights & social justice
Consumers who are charitable
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