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Empowering Employees & Fans to be Your Social Media Brand Ambassadors

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Cheryl Bella

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Empowering Employees & Fans to be Your Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Empowering Employees & Fans to Be Your Social Media Brand Ambassadors
presented by Cheryl Bella
We do not control our brand
Now What?
Engaging Employees
Abercrombie & Fitch
What is a Brand Ambassador
AKA Fan, Advocate

Person who "uses social media to not only interact with brand pages, but also to actively promote brands, products and services they love"
Ellen Enrico, Visible Technologies

"I'll defend you even when you're not in the room."
Frequently recommend products & services

Zuberance - 38% recommend a brand once a month, 12% several times a week

Educate other consumers

TNA - #1 reason people write about brands is to offer advice.
Interact with brands & consumers on brand pages
Who Are They?
Helpful to others
Want brands to succeed
Make brands part of their own persona
Active offline too
Use social media more than average consumer
Potentially they're everyone
Ambassador Groups
Traditional media
DJs talking about a product
Professional bloggers
Experts hired by brands
Rafe Needleman
Everyday brand ambassador is most trusted
Most knowledgeable
about brand
Tools for Identifying Potential Customer/Fan Ambassadors
Loyalty program members
Survey respondents
Contributors to online forums
People Who Post to Brand Pages
Coupon/discount seeker
Those who love your product
Those who have questions
Offline Ambassadors
Use testimonials on Web site,

online newsletters, eblasts,

social media posts pointing

back to Web site, etc.
I know you
I'm aware of you
I have a perception of you and it is favorable
I like you
I bought your product/service
I like you enough to come back
I love you
I'm delighted & excited to refer you

Help ambassadors promote your brand

Help them provide great customer service

Let them help you make the brand better

Always make them feel special
Engaged Now
Always "Liking" company posts
Email you ideas on what to post
LOVE the company
Fancy themselves marketers
What Do You Want Them to Share About the Brand?
Ask - put together a committee, ask for volunteers
Make it Fun
Share your corp culture
Staff volunteer work, accomplishments of individuals, company party photos, employee of the month

What do your employees
want to share?
Do your homework, check their social media pages
Help employee ambassadors promote your brand

Help them provide great customer service

Always make them feel special
NEVER force employees
to participate or share anything
Help Employees Promote Your Brand
Train them on your brand and messaging
Provide suggested #tags, tags, etc.
Help Them Provide Great Customer Service
Discuss different types of posts, appropriate responses, where they should get routed to
Make sure they have one central point of contact to get in touch with for questions
Always Make Them Feel Special
Internally, share the credit for social media efforts
If appropriate, internally & externally "introduce" ambassadors
Give tutorials on social media
Ask them to be your eyes and ears online
Alert you to questions, problems, new fans, etc.
Acknowledge posts (thank them, ask questions, retweet, share post)
Follow them (blog feed, favorite posts, tag, Like, Follow, etc.)
Take conversation offline - ask if they'd like to be "Ambassador"
Provide a feedback channel
Create private social media groups (LinkedIn, Facebook, Intranet, Email)
Invite them to special behind the scene events
Give them company tchotchke
Ask them to use certain Twitter hashtags, Facebook tags, share with them how to connect
Share information with them early
Potential Brand Ambassador
Personal Food Blog
Food FB Page
Personal Facebook Page
Food Eblasts
Culinary Friends
Pampered Chef Sales People & Customers
Pitney Bowes
King Arthur Flour
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