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Caribou Coffee

No description

Grace Hoffman

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee
Marketing Campaign "Stay Awake" Advertising Agency
Ben Johnson, Matt Wubben, Carly Guerra,
Grace Hoffman, & Beau Braun Only active in a few markets
Stores can be very expensive to start off
Lack of advertisement makes expansion difficult
Growth of new stores has stopped Create new food products
Create new drinks
Expand into Western U.S.
Increase advertisement to get name out Starbucks
Local coffee shops
Fast food and gas stations are starting to feature coffee products
Customer preferences are changing In the news: Promotions Missing Something this morning? More activity on Facebook and Twitter accounts
Online Advertisements on News sites in the morning
Advertisements in actual print newspapers
Advertisements on billboards in rush hour areas Online/Print Advertisements Place Product Marketing Mix Pricing Caribou Truck
Truck travels to Starbucks locations
Give out free samples
Hand out map with coffee showing nearby Caribou Coffee shops Publicity Stunt Situation Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Offer products in grocery stores
Very eco-friendly
2nd largest coffee company in the U.S.
Countries outside of the U.S. offer products Television Advertisement:
Fantasy Commercial Smartphone Technology:
Caribou Coffee Mobile App Caribou vs. Starbucks Competitive Advantage Environment:
Unique coffee house with exceptional customer service
Socially responsible "green" Target Market
16-60 year-old
Target Segments
16-25 (students)
26-60 year (workforce)
Convenience Competitors Marketing Objective: Increase total sales by 20% in 2015 over their 2012 total sales of $326.50 million. Target Market Strategy (468 stores ) (18,180 stores) Net income: $3.2 billion Net income: $295 million High Quality, Fair Trade, and sustainable coffee

Personalized Drinks

Breakfast/Lunch Sandwiches

Recyclable Carriers for four cups

Caribou Merchandise Specials/Deals

Discounts for those who use reusable mugs

Discount for students who show school ID

Sticker cards with free drink after so many purchases Open from 5:30 AM to 10 PM

More locations with drive thru

More college campuses and downtown locations

Caribou should try to locate in a major supermarkets
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