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Greek and Native Americans Mythology


Kirstey Cameron

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Greek and Native Americans Mythology


BY: Kirsten Cameron and Keegan Burton -Cronus (Zeus's father) created a golden race of
people who were hidden on the earth.
- Indians believe that the chief created the a grizzly bear, and the grizzly bear, and his daughter fell in love, and that is how we all were made. -Greek Mythology says that Zeus made 2 types of people. The Silver, and both of them Zeus through into the underworld. After he did that Zeus made Heroes. The Greek Mythology also says that the most current race right now in the world is the "Iron Age." The Indians believed that animals were created by a stick thrown in water. Indians also believed that Buckskin, wind, eagle
feathers, and corn is how they were created. Greek Mythology, and Indians both believe that a higher power made them. They both believe that
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