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Fee Fi Fo Fum , What is uni-, bi-, tri-?

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Sony Suong

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Fee Fi Fo Fum , What is uni-, bi-, tri-?

Fee Fi Fo Fum , What is uni-, bi-, tri-?
What is Two?
Bi-, Bin-, Du are all latin bases that mean two. Starting with bi- an example would be bi/cycle, which means two wheels. Secondly, Bin- would be the start of Binocular. Bin/ocular would mean two eye pieces. Finally, Du would be the prefix of du/el which is a fight between two opposing parties.
What is Quadru- and Quart?
Four is the best number, It's the number of yogurts that come in a pack, the number of beans in a bean salad or the number of people on a double date. Quadru/pedel is another example of fours, four feets that is. Quart is an example of the US metric system , four quarts equal a gallon.
Stop making 3 tri- so hard, Its not going to happen!
Tri as a trio, its a group of three. Tri- is the base of tri/angle, 3 angles or Tri/pods a three legged rack to hold a camera. Is tri what is really in ? Does everything nowadays come in (3)s? The three wise men, CBS, NBC, ABC ,The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly .
What in the world is multi-?
Multi- is many. It can pertain to any part of our lives. Many can be mulit/national, coming from more than one nation. We have to mulit/ply everyday. What is two apples * six pears. Kids nowadays have multi/sports afterschool. Many if not most people in the world are multi/lingual. Spanish, Chinese, French, or German are all very important languages to connect to people around the world.
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