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Animation Tools

No description

rose ann decena

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Animation Tools

Magic Lantern
Considered as classic projector, which uses a simple lamp and translucent oil painting which projects larger image on flat surface.
Invented by Charles-Emile Reynaud which includes a steady mirror inside a cylinder to improve the quality of image for a clearer animation.
He eventually created the first animated film in Paris, France in 1892.
Was patented in 1868 by John Linnet.
A flip book is essentially a series of sequential pictures which when flipped at high speed creates an illusion of motion.
Flip Book
Invented in 1831 simultaneously by Simon von Stampfer and Joseph Plateau.
It includes simple drawings moving simultaneously giving the effect of animation.
Was a toy of the Victorian era which was circular disk with two images on each side and its center is tied to a string
Was said to be invented in China 180 AD by Ting Huan which was made from translucent paper panels painted with sequences of action which when turned, a right speed would appear to move.
Animation Tools
The modern version was produced by William George Horner.
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