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Third Eye Ethical Hackers (R)

Ethical Hacking

Rajan Kohli

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Third Eye Ethical Hackers (R)

Hack Attack
Register Your Name Now !!!!
For More Information Contact :

Mr.Prince Khanna - +91 98888 26 26 0
Address: First Floor, 128 PPR Silver Plaza, Industrial Area , Sodal Road , Jalandhar.

For Online Registrations & Training Modules VISIT :
Hack Attack
An ethical hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owners, seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit.

Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing and red teaming.

A study by NASSCOM says that by 2013 the demand for professional ethical hackers will reach 1,88,000.To meet the growing need,a certified ethical hacking programme has been made available.

Third Eye’s Certified Ethical Hacking Expert will provide you a platform to explore the world of Information Securities & Ethical Hacking.
Who is Ethical Hacker ?
Hack Attack
CTO & President Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society®.
Sr.Cellular Technology Evangelist @ Secugenius Security Solutions .
Brand Ambassador at INGHC,USA.
Security Lead at Third Eye Intelligence Beaurau,Hyd.
Chief Security Advisor at Progress Solutions Inc. Tampa,Florida (USA).
Security Architect at iTnukes.com ,London (U.K)
Founder & President of Chapter , DEFCON 144004.
Author at PacketStormSecurity.Org
About Me :
Hack Attack
A Training Program on Information Securities & Ethical Hacking.
Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society®
Success Placements
Third Eye has its own placement division named “Success Placements” offering placement assistance to our candidates.

The division evaluates student's educational background,

courses and work experience and matches it with the client's requirements.

After a thorough screening process, students are asked to attend the interview. Finally, students are given lucrative job offers.
Hack Attack
Course Benefits
Hack Attack

Online Accounts of Indian Cricketer “Harbhajan Singh” Recovered .
Facebook Fan Page of Pakistani Singer Zaain Ul Abeedin Recovered .
Done Investigation for Netbanking Fraud of 6.6Million INR (66 Lacs) of a Ltd Company based in Jalandhar City.
Did Penetration Testing for Various MNC’s & Fortune 500 Companies.
Solved Various Cases on Mobile Phone Tapping & Fake Profile Deletion on Facebook.
Recent Cases Solved
What is Information Security ?
Information Security is defined as protecting information and informaition systems
From unauthorized access

Why need Information Security ?
Every Information is very important for every company , firm or person.If your
Information is diclosed or hacked ,It will be a great loss to company or organisation

Why Ethical Hacking ?
Ethical Hacking is an approach to protect information systems/networks/websites
From damage by virus spyware & other malicious code.
Hack Attack
Information Security
Hack Attack

Vice President at Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society(Regd.)
Founder & President at Cyber Ethical Hackers Society (Regd.).
Manager at Google Developers Group.
Security Analyst at Byte Blocks (U.S.A)
Security Specialist & Ethical Hacking Trainer at Nadeus Educational Services.
Director at International Genesis Hackers Crew, USA.
Technical Editor at GeekTech India.
CEO at Trick Park (Australia)
About Rajan Kohli
Hack Attack
Third Eye Ethical Hackers is Reowned Name in Providing

Ethical Hacking Trainings
Ethical Hacking Workshops
Governence Services
Infrastructure Security
Web Application Security
Cyber Crime Investigations
Cyber Law Consultings

- Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society ,Jalandhar, India
- Third Eye Research Labs , London
- Third Eye Security Solutions & Consultings ,Gerogia
About Third Eye Ethical Hackers ®
Hack Attack

Windows Hacking
Facebook Hacking
Email Hacking
System Hacking
Mobile Hacking
Cookie Stealing
Website Hacking
And many more…….
Live Demonstrations
Certified Ethical Hacking Expert
Hack Attack
Advanced Google Hacking
Facebook Hacking
Yahoo Hacking
Gmail Hacking
System Hacking
Session Hijacking
Website Hacking
Windows Hacking
Cookie Stealing
Email Forging
Mobile Hacking
Trojans & Backdoors
Call Forging
SMS Forging and many more ….
Training Contents
Hack Attack
Live Demonstration of Latest Hacking Techniques & tools.
Live investigation Demonstration of various cases solved by Team Third Eye.
Study material & DVD Toolkit
will be provided.
Personal Interaction with Team
Third Eye.
Hands on Practice Sessions.
Projects Outsourcing.
Course Benefits
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