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Talent Predictors - 5 Areas to consider

Physical/Psychological/Social/Technical predictors of talent

Joel Roberts

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Talent Predictors - 5 Areas to consider

Predicting Talent - 5 Areas to consider Physical Anthropometric measures which
relate to age groups and development Somatotyping Relates to the make-up of the human body
and its composition Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph Soft body
Underdeveloped muscles
Overdeveloped digestive system
Muscular Body
Overly mature appearance
Rectangular shaped
Thick skin
Upright posture
Flat chest
Delicate build
Young appearance
Lightly muscled
Physiological Within some sports could be considered the most important aspect in assessing talent Boys -
Areobic capacity generally tends to improve Girls -
Areobic capacity can display a peak then drop in late teens Talent Id - able to see visually main physiological attributes
If testing is required then required to identify major demands of the sport
e.g. NFL Combine Sociological http://bcove.me/2qfyyd8p Parental Influence Refereeing decisions Peers Childhood experiences Education Psychological Good decision maker?
Personal Control?
Concentration? What other things would you look for in a player? Technical General Motor Skills
Technical & Tactical ability Your Task Moodle - Unit 20
Task 1 Resources
Task 1 Supporting Document

Submission date next Monday
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