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The Lost diamonds of Killiecrankie

No description

Victoria Li

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of The Lost diamonds of Killiecrankie

Dear Diary
Exclusive interview With Queen Victoria - By Charli
Fact, Fiction & Faction
Thank you!
England's Exquisite Exhibition
Review No. 43

The opening ceremony of the Great Exhibition on May the 1st 1851 had a plenty of jewels, pearls and people packed back to back.
Queen Victoria herself looked just as splendid wearing an elegantly bedighted dress of pink and silver, with a diamond-ray diadem and a little crown at the back with two feathers , all the rest of the jewels being diamonds. Her majesty addressed the crowd with grace and poise greeting the nation with pride.

The jewels were all of immense value including 224 large pearls all strung in 4 rows and a girdle of 19 emeralds all of wonderful quality framed with pearls. This was not all, the rubies were even better, perhaps even the largest in the world. "I am very happy the British Crown will possess these jewels for I shall certainly make them crown jewels," her majesty had quoted proudly. Everything was displayed at the Crystal Palace made completely of glass in Hyde Park with great state of flighty making the palace seem all the more royal. There were gems from all over the world, even Australia. Van Diemen's land provided more than expected, the choice of sentencing convicts and some worthy English there was definitely a right decision that benefited England in many aspects from relieving the gaols and claiming more land and riches.

Diary Entry from the Aborigines
The Lost diamonds of Killiecrankie
By: Georgia V, Charli B & Victoria L

In 1834, one hundred and thirty-five Tasmanian Aboriginals from the mainland settled on Flinders Island. They got there because of an ice age that happened about 35,000 years ago. When the sea level fell, it formed a land bridge, now known as the Eastern Bass Strait, allowing the Aboriginal people to move south into Tasmania. 15,000 to 10,000 years ago the climate warmed and the ice melted, making the sea level rise again. The land bridge was then submerged. Therefore, the Aboriginal people were isolated.

In 1851 there was the great exhibition. The great exhibition was the first exhibition of manufactured products and was massively influential on the development of many aspects of society. Including art and design education, international trade and relations, and even tourism. The great exhibition was organized by sir Henry Cole, a British educator, and Prince Albert, husband of queen Victoria.

Flinders island is home to the beautiful Killiecrankie diamond. This ‘diamond’ is actually a type of jewel known as the topaz. It is found with tin, feldspar, and quartz. The best place to look for these diamonds now are mines creek and Diamond creek. Killiecrankie diamonds can occur in a wide range of colours and the ones found on flinders island are clear, ice blue, and pink gold. In comparison with the quartz, they are heavier, harder, smoother, and more cold to touch.

Flinders island now has a diameter of 1,367 km2. You can get there by plane, and boat, but in this time of year people usually go by a plane. Their population is now very low, at 700 people, 52.8% males and 47.2% female. Their weather is mostly rain and humidity this time of year. Flinders island is closest to Cape Barren island. It is also close to Tasmania, but not located in Tasmania.

By Georgia

Dear diary, today was the day of the exhibition for the crown jewels. I found them very beautiful. They were the shape of diamonds and were very tinted indeed. The types of jewel were the topaz, they came is a variety of colours, there was a straw coloured like one, a yellow one, a light pink one, and a beryl-like one. I'm so glad that those particular jewels are going to be the crown jewels. I can imagine what it will look like already. It will be so very beautiful and elegant. I think it was a wonderful idea to hold the exhibition in the crystal palace, Hyde park, London. I believe it is a beautiful place to hold and exhibition like this, one of the most unique, and beautiful ones I have ever seen. It is a shame the exhibition will eventually end, why it is entertaining. With the amazing glass and the plants chosen. I would stay there all day if I could. One perspective on the crystal palace that really caught my eye was the exhibits. There are horse carts, trains, furniture, jewels, and lots of vases. They were so beautiful; you could not walk past one without walking into one. Or stopping to look at it. It is a truly amazing exhibition; it is the first one to have manufactured products. I believe me and sir Henry Cole did a fine job on organizing it. I know this for a fact, for over 6 million people attended this amazing event. I am glad I chose sir Henry Cole to help me organize it. He did quite a fine job helping me. He designed the exhibits, and I can’t walk past one. That is how I can tell he did a great job.
singed, Prince Albert.

By Georgia



The great exhibition is in fact true.
The great exhibition was held from 1851 in May to October at Hyde Park. It was developed by Prince Albert and his friend Henry Cole and was the first manufactured exhibition in recorded history.
Most of the characters are false
Most of the main characters like Geoff and Aaron are fake. The author has developed them based on real people in the 1800's.
Flinder's island
Flinder's Island is actually a real place located in Tasmania. It is a beautiful place and attracts many tourists to the area.
The post office
There was a post office on the island but not the same as the one described in the book but of course now, Flinders island is developed and everything that used to be on the island are gone or changed.
The Killiecrankie Diamonds
The diamonds are true. They were found on the island and a few hundred of them were sent to the great exhibition. Now many people use the diamonds for jewellery.
Visual presentations
Most pictures are fake. Those written in italics underneath are real and found from galleries, exhibits and documents but otherwise, they were made for the purpose of the book
When I first read the book, I was really confused about what genre it was. The Lost Diamonds of Killiekrankie is a faction book. It is a book that is cleverly woven with fact and fiction. Based on the diamonds of Killiecrankie, it keeps you on the edge of your seat with mysteries waiting to be solved. Geoff Middleton goes on may adventures, some expected while others are planned by faith. The characters look for clues throughout the story and faces many challenges which all get resolved in the end with a satisfying click where everything fit together perfectly. It is a short novel with many detailed illustrations, maps and clever visual presentations that make us more entertained and obtain more information visually. The story is woven with fact and fiction and sometimes it's hard to tell which one is true so now you understand the genre of the book, let's take a look and see what is actually fact and what is fiction.
BY Victoria
By Victoria
Charli B, Georgia V, Victoria L
The exhibition is still ongoing and will last at least a good season on 3 months. Prince Albert and Henry Cole are jolly good men to have thought of this great idea. This is the first display that has shown industrial jewels and arts of sorts and it was all to Prince Albert who wanted to display the wonders of industry from around the world. Britain was blooming and the whole world knew about it. The floors of the palace were beautifully covered with soft clean carpet from ax-minster and ribbons from coventry. Honestly, if I were to say anything about this Exhibition, it would be "Absolutely splendid". Continue to check my reviews on different exhibitions here in England in the future.
After exploring this topic with great interest, I was able to claim some important information. This exhibition was participated by 28 countries. It is estimated that there will be a visitor count of more than 6 million. It will be a big opportunity for the world to see how great England is and how developed we are. There were more than 100, 000 pieces displayed along a stretch of 10 miles. There were approximately 15, 000 providers for the exhibition and the site was something more than beautiful. It was grand, unique and something once in a lifetime.

A quote from a visitor that she had stated in a letter have found, "It is a wonderful place – vast, strange, new and impossible to describe. Its grandeur does not consist in one thing, but in the unique assemblage of all things. Whatever human industry has created, you find there…"
17th July 1837

Dear diary,

It is us, the aboriginals. We are writing to record the recent horrific events. These new people have invaded our land. There are not many of us left. The people are everywhere, trying to fight us and turn us into what they are. We want to stay the same. They are stealing our land and our lives. Our traditions have been ruined and we are getting punished and changed for being who we are. Our families have suffered and we are being forced to work and slave all day long. These people have brought diseases and unknown things that are destroying our well-being and land. We are feeling depressed and weak all because of these people. They invaded our land and took it for themselves. They are selfish people. We have been forced to find new land and move away from our homes. I don’t know why this happened but it has so far been unbearable. I hope they will leave us alone. The diseases have been getting worse. People are dying everyday and yet, we have never seen anything like this. Before they came we didn’t even know what diseases were. We hate them. They have ruined our land, our homes, our families and our lives.

Flinders island then and now

They are slowly destroying our lives and our natural ways that we live. They don’t except us and instead, they have stolen our land and taken it for themselves. They are selfish. We wish for them to stop but they keep persisting on trying to change us. Soon they will be no one left. I couldn’t bare the thought of that. We just hope they will stop soon. We hope the agony, pain, anger, suffering and selfishness will go away. We will fight for our land and our rights until we get our freedom.


The aboriginals. By Charli
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