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We Love To Build!

This is a presentation about our construction company.

Reno Dell'Agnese

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of We Love To Build!

Dell'Agnese Construction Co., Inc. We opened in 1994 The Company President, Reno Dell'Agnese
has been in the construction industry for
over 25 years. He is licensed in Building and General Construction. We are 3rd Generation Builders This is our logo We prefer to take on very few projects at one time, because we like to dedicate our attention and focus to them.
Our clients love that! We specifically undertake each project with a tactic and unique methodology that is tailored for each of our clients. We approach each project with innovative efforts to increase sustainability. We pride ourselves in streamlining the structures we construct by bridging the crafts of building construction with a structural engineering prospective; encompassing the dynamics of designing and building. We love what we do! We started doing stamp concrete, and installing pavers for driveways; which we still do, because it looks so beautiful ! We are different because... We are... Get to know us better We also did plenty of home additions, and remodeling jobs. We still do that too! We know timelines can be long,
so we summed up, just some of our stuff, so you can get to know us a bit more. TIMELINE Private Owner - Florida Room (Addition) - Pembroke Pines, FL.
Private Owner - Bedroom and Bathroom (Addition) - Hialeah, FL.
Private Owner - Detached Double Car Garage (New Construction) - Davie, FL.
Private Owner - Master Bedroom and Bathroom (Addition) - North Miami, FL. 1994 - 1996 2001-2004 Apartment Building - Concrete Balcony Restoration - 10 unit building - (Residential Construction) - Opa Locka, FL.
Urebuy Investments Inc. - Warehouse 2,087sqft. - 8 bays, bathrooms, and offices - (New Commercial Construction) - Opa Locka, FL.
Vankara Charter School - Shopping Center Conversion to a Charter School - 2 bldgs, 13,000sqft., and 16,000sqft. - (Commercial Remodel Conversion) - Miami, FL.
Meat Factory - Conversion from Warehouses to a refrigerated factory - 16,000sqft. - (Industrial Remodel Conversion) - Doral, FL. 1997 - 2000 The Islander Condominiums - Concrete Restoration - (Residential Construction) - Miami Beach, FL.

Isla del Mar Condominiums - Concrete Restoration - Residential Construction) - Miami Beach, FL.
Replacement of 7,678 linear ft., of balcony aluminum railings.
High Rise Painting
Pre Cast Concrete Structure - 2 story - and High Rise Painting
Masonry Stucco Repairs of entire bldg. - 80,000sqft.
Impact Window replacement - 98 windows 2005-2006 2007-2008 Private Owner - Single Family Home - entire house - (Residential Remodel) - Hialeah, FL.
Private Owner - Fire Damage - Complete Re-Build - (Residential Re-build) - Cooper City, FL.
Private Owner - Single Family Home - Remodel, Windows, and Doors - (Residential Remodel) - Cooper City, FL.
Private Owner - Condominium Remodel - studio, bath, and kitchen - (Residential Remodel) - Hallandale Beach, FL.
Private Owner - Condominium 1 bedroom, 1-1/2 baths - (Residential Remodel) - Coral Springs, FL.
Private Owner - Fire Damaged House - Single Family House - (Fire Damage Recovery Construction) - Miami, FL. 2009 - 2013 This is our approach In comparison to other small,
construction companies, like us... P & H Interiors, Inc. - 2 Story Building - 26,000sqft. - Complete gut-out to bare walls - (Commercial Renovation) - Coral Springs, FL.
Willie A. Transfer, Inc. - Warehouse - 3,000sqft., 2 Bays, Bathrooms, and Offices - (New Commercial Construction) - Miami, FL.
Private Owner - Penthouse - complete remodel 7,000sqft. - (Residential Remodel) - South Beach, FL.
T-Mobil at Broward Mall - Metal Framing & Drywall - (Commercial Construction) - Plantation, FL.
Town Houses - 28 town houses - Metal Framing & Drywall - (Residential Construction) - Hollywood, FL.
Faith Facility (Mosque) - 1 story - (Commercial Addition & Remodel) - Sunrise, FL. Deauville Hotel - Removal of an 80ft. Communication Tower - after Hurricane Wilma knocked it down at the highest point of the roof top 235ft up - it weighed 12,000lbs.
No Machines were allowed due to traffic - we were told other contractors before us had turned the job down! It was removed by hand with custom tools we made.
(Emergency Disaster Recovery Construction) - Miami Beach, FL. - We will show you pictures next.

Sea Coast Hotel - Custom Built Mirror Pool at Terrace - (Commercial Construction) - Miami Beach, FL.

Apartment Building - Concrete Restoration, 3 story bldg. - (Residential Construction) - Key Biscayne, FL. "Some Highlights" Custom Ceiling Lot's and Lot's of Metal Framing Such a nice color for a tropical place! Construction Pictures are more fun with a little mess in the corner. We like to take plenty of pictures, as the job progresses. Ever make a warehouse? It's fun. Legos don't count okay! From the outside now Great Big Doors Now that is a scary sight! Wow that's big! We made that to secure it and get it down. Imagine walking under that and looking up! Now let's step inside. Think out side the box! Yeah! We did it! We secured it! going, going... Gone! My goodness! She's gettin' there. She's a beauty now! Here's another one Look at her now! Bad Fire, but we will make her great again. It is always hard to see this Coming along Getting Better. Oh boy! Soon it's paint time. Our next stop is on: Things that take ingenuity, innovation, and craftsmanship entice us greatly! The field of construction has so many facets,
It is a science, and a craft, and in our work we draw from them all. Every company has their own piece of history to tell, and we wanted to let you know more about us; Not just with a flat brochure, or a simple business card, or a website even. We have all of that, but we decided on this presentation to show more about how we think and feel about what we do. We are always looking to find new and exciting challenges, in our career. Thanks for watching! ~ The End ~ Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved - Dell'Agnese Construction Co. Inc. - CBC057510 - CGC1512451 We serve the South Florida metro area. We believe in forming lasting relationships with our customers, because it's important to us, and so are the projects we take on! Instructions

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only navigate by:
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"just in case" you need to rewind,
it's the (left arrow) <--------
enjoy! We Love To Build! We provide services in; Residential, Commercial & Industrial Construction. “The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.” - Charles Dickens When we build something, we like to shoot for even more durability, and strength.
This is our passion! one of our flyers: On Safety STOP
Did you make it FULL SCREEN?

see the little grey box
lowest point at right corner.
just click it. Yup, lots! just one more coat of paint left!
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