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Global SEO | SEOClarity

No description

Taylor Pratt

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Global SEO | SEOClarity

Global SEO Challenges

The HomeAway Landscape
International SEO is about maximizing your exposure in multiple global markets to support your company's business objective.
One of the most helpful and dangerous tags available.
Purpose: Specifically tell Google what language and what region your site is intended for.
Site Differentiation
When you have multiple sites in the same market, how do you fight Google's fight against differentiation?
Key Takeaways
Domain Challenges
Over 50 domains globally
Market Challenges
Up to five domains in the same market
Localization Challenges
New search engine players
Multiple sites in the same market
Possible Indicators
User experience / site design
URL structure
% of unique content
Meta data
% of unique backlinks
% of unique keyword rankings
Case Studies
Many industries face this same problem.
The Strategy
The site the property originates on is the "master"
We added a tracking variable in the header to monitor performance
We set up tracking of these properties in SEOClarity to monitor performance
It's cheap
It's provided by Google
It's scalable
It's against Google's guidelines
Takeaway #1
Take advantage of SEOClarity's multiple tracking features to get the most accurate read on the results from your tests.
Takeaway #2
You're probably not the first to face a specific problem. Look outside your industry for guidance.
Takeaway #3
Take Mitul to Hey Cupcake or Freebirds, and you can probably get him to build you anything.
By Taylor Pratt | HomeAway, Inc.
Enterprise Challenges
Product support for local SEOs
Developer availability
Global platform limitations
Multi-platform complications
What could go wrong?
The content is 100% identical
Supersizing v2
Add rel="alternate" hreflang="x" to each page
Header Approach
Sitemap Approach
According to Matt
When a user searches for something on Google, they may find multiple listings that have unique content but don’t add any additional value to their search. As a website owner, it doesn’t seem enough to just offer unique content, you also need to offer a unique experience/add value for the user.
In order to scale your sites in each market, you need to translate your content.
The images are 100% identical
The sites are both in the same market
The sites are both in the same industry
P.S. We'd like to do this to all of the other sites globally.
The site the property is supersized to is the "slave"
If the property comes from another market, we designated a specific brand to be the "master"
hreflang="x" must include appropraite region code for sites with the same language but different locales
Target language must be in ISO-6391-1 format
Target region must be in ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format
Always enabled on all pages
Listed as the first implementation suggestion from Google
Requires developer resources
Requires a release
Help from SEOClarity
No internal dev support required
Doesn't require a release
Faster testing
Not as up-to-date as header approach
Possible inclusion in a future Panda release?
Translations are low quality
Doesn't take into account localization
Want to speed up development by using same platform
Want to keep migration costs down
Don't want to sacrifice SEO
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