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Capitol Code 2/22/14

Our team worked on and presented the Public Data Ecosystem at Capitol Code: An Open Data Jam http://capitolcode.mn.gov/

Roxanne Johnson

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Capitol Code 2/22/14

Problem: Public data in Minnesota is not all in one place and in an accessible format
Solution 1: The state of Minnesota API store
Solution 2: Template for front end analytics
Solution: Public Data Ecosystem
Tracking user analytics on data usage
inform future data collection and dissemination
Problem 1: providing public data to users
Problem 2: obtaining accessible public data to use
No single place to go for State, County, City APIs (API Store).
No mechanism for API discovery.
No API governance.
No data quality / availability information (metadata).
Inconsistent security models
Lack of centralized organization of API services
the state
end users
Create a Store of all available State of MN API's (like Apple App Store/Android Marketplace)
Publishing and governing API usage
Route, meter and throttle API traffic
Manage Developer community
Govern complete API lifecycle
Monitor API usage and performance
Enable centralized organization of API services
have more accessible ways to access and use the data their tax dollars paid for
the team
Roxanne, prezi designer
Pedro, presenter
Rick, solutions architect
Brian, developer
Dave, store expert
Tom, convener
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