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Odysseus' Character Map and Hero Map

No description

Jack Stoll

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Odysseus' Character Map and Hero Map

Odysseus' Character Map Key Sayings " I wish to see the cave man, what he had to offer- no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends... why not make a run for it?" pg 1051. Key Actions "Poseidon Lord, who sets the earth a tremble broke it up on the rocks at your lands end." pg 1053 " I tied them (the rams) together... then slung a man under each middle of one to ride there safely, shielded left and right. So three sheep could convey each man." pg 1057-1059 " Zeus disdained my offering: destruction for my ships he had in store and death for those who allied them, my compainions." pg 1063 "Then Scylla made her strike, whisking six of my best men from the ship... voices came down to me in anguish, calling my name for the last time." pg. 1075 " Now flashed arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle through every socket ring, and gazed not one, to thud with heavy brazen head beyond." pg. 1105 " Aided by Athena, Odysseus, Telemachus, Eumaeus, and other faithful herdsmen kill all the suitors." pg. 1110 How Odysseus is described Odysseus is the King of Ithaca Strong, courageous, and noble leader Clever and Smart Doesn't have much patience Generous Conflicts Internal Conflict The gods, especially Poseidon, are upset with Odysseus because he has not been loyal to the gods, so they send him on a journey. Odysseus doesn't always agree with his men External Conflict Wants to get home from the Trojan Wat Runs into many creatures that could kill him and his crew if he doesn't keep his head on a swivel. " My sheer destruction is certain." "Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide heaven, contempt for what men say of you hereafter. Your last hour has come. You die in blood." pg. 1108 "Who dared move my bed?No builder had the skill for that-unless a god came down to turn the trick. No mortal in his best days could budge it with a crowbar." pg. 1112 Hero's Map Actions with results and motives Action- Odysseus stabs the Cyclopes in the eye
Motive- The Cyclopes won't be able to see
Result- Odysseus and his men escape under the rams Action- Odysseus puts wax and has his crew tie him to a pole
Motive- Odysseus and his crew won't go to the Siren's shore and be eatten
Result- They are able to avoid the Sirens Action- Odysseus is told by Athena to disguise as a beggar
Motive- Poseidon won't recognize him
Result- Poseidon doesn't recognize him Action- Penelope holds a contest to find her husband. The contest is to see who can shoot Odysseus' bow with an arrow through twelve axes
Motive- Win the contest and get revenge on the suitors
Result- He shoots the arrow successfully and kills all of the suitors. Action- Penelope tests Odysseus to see if it is really him
Motive- prove to Penelope that it is really him
Result- Penelope tests him by asking him to move his bed and he said no human can. Grad @ Grad -smart because he outsmarted the cyclopes by telling it that his name was Nohbdy
-Loving because he loves Penelope and he punishes everyone who wanted to marry her and tried to
-open to growth because he grew closer to his wife at the end.
-commited to doing justice because he gave justice to all of those who tried to take his wife.
-Intellectually Competent because he was always one step ahead of the creatures.
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