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Anticipation Guides

No description

Jenny Powell

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Anticipation Guides

Anticipation Guides:
Stimulating Interest and Curiosity

Can anticipation guides be used in all content areas?
The answer is simple: YES!
Are anticipation guides appropriate for different grade levels?
Absolutely! There are ways to modify anticipation guides so that even young learners can participate.

Some of these modifications include:
Using simple wording
Having the teacher read the statements out loud
Using pictures
Completing an anticipation guide as a class
Curiosity: Isn't that what makes us leap forward?
So, what is an anticipation guide?
An anticipation guide is a strategy used before reading to build students' interest and curiosity about a new topic or text. Anticipation guides also help to activate students' prior knowledge.
Anticipation Guide in Science
Anticipation Guide in Social Studies
How do I create and implement anticipation guides?
Creating Anticipation Guides:
Review material and determine the most important ideas and concepts.
Turn those important ideas and concepts into statements.
Create a document to present the statements to the students (handout, presentation, etc.)

Implementing Anticipation Guides:
Present the anticipation guide to the students prior to your lesson or the required reading.
Encourage class discussions.
Revisit the anticipation guide after the lesson or required reading.
It's simple!
*Refer to your handout.
Because of the remarkable versatility of anticipation guides, they can be developed as preludes to virtually any information source (Fisher, Brozo, Frey, & Ivey, 2011).
Anticipation Guide in Math
Anticipation Guides in
Mrs. Powell's Seventh Grade ELA Class
Preparing to read The Giver by Lois Lowry
Completing an anticipation guide
Engaging in a fishbowl discussion
Completing triple-entry journals
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