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Copy of Strategic Action Plan 2013-2016

No description

Toni Cordova

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Strategic Action Plan 2013-2016

Strategic Action Plan 2013-2016
Improve student equity and reduce access discrepancies to high quality education
Create a Communications Tool Kit for building bi-literacy pathway awards and world language programs.
Our Mission Statement
The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) is committed to serving, inspiring and promoting student and public school success.
Project Goal
Support districts in building biliteracy awards and programs that promote the study of language and culture
Develop a comprehensive plan to implement the next stage of Common Core professional development and training, including the technology components of Common Core.
Provide support to districts, communities, schools and students
Review and revise, as needed, to include areas of concern, the District Satisfaction Survey. Distribute, analyze and share the results with the Board, the SCCOE workforce, the school districts and Charter Management Organizations.
Be A Premier Employer
Publish and distribute to the SCCOE workforce a SCCOE Professional Development Opportunities for Staff calendar
Improve Organization Effectiveness and Efficiency
Present to the Leadership Team a process to strengthen two-way communication between the Cabinet and the Leadership Team and solicit feedback.
Develop and distribute to the Leadership Team a consistent process for the Cabinet getting feedback before and after changes in management, policies and procedures.
By June 2014, conduct an internal assessment of organizational systems and processes as reflected in Baldrige criteria and distribute the results to the Cabinet and the Board.
Be A Premier Employer
Revised Objective:
By March 31, 2014, develop and distribute to Cabinet a proposal for a professional development structure that promotes equitable access to development opportunities with appropriate accountability.
Be A Premier Employer
Be A Premier Employer
Develop, distribute, analyze and share the results of an anonymous Employee Survey for Improving the Workplace with the employees and the Board
Universal Preschool

Facilitate a total of four meetings of stakeholders to engage them in the development of a Universal Preschool Initiative (by August 2013)

Develop a Universal Preschool Initiative Plan with a timeline and present to SCCOE Board for direction (by December 2013)

Staff Leads: Lisa Kaufman & Don Bolce (support to Board Committee: Grace Mah, Joseph Di Salvo, & Darcie Green)

Universal Preschool Is A Community Initiative*
SCCOE is the convener of a community discussion

Long process from discussion to program, with multiple steps along the way

As the effort matures, other organizations may play other roles
Convened a stakeholder group of community leaders

Met 8 times since February reviewing data, models, funding, etc.

Developed a resolution endorsing the "Strong Start" Early Learning Initiative (adopted by SCCBOE August 2013)

Exploring potential for expanding to TK opportunities for four-year olds

Established a steering committee

Collaborated with Local Planning Council to conduct state preschool restoration funding survey

Collaborating with FIRST 5 to gain a better understanding of community Early Learning priorities
Next Steps
(January to June 2014)
Identify staff support for the Strong Start initiative development
Develop an operational plan for the Strong Start initiative
Build public understanding and support for early learning through a public awareness campaign
Identify new resources for expanding access to high quality early learning and implement a plan to secure them
Design, implement and convene a SJ/SV 2020 Symposium on September 25, 2013 for district and community partners.
SJ/SV 2020 Symposium Update
135 attendees
27 districts within Santa Clara County
3 districts outside our county
24 non-districts
44 speakers & presenters
Keynote Addresses
Session Workshops
Session workshops were effective at highlighting knowledge, skills, and/or practices needed to eliminate the achievement gap:

30.4% strongly agree

52.2% agree

8.7% no opinion

4.3% disagree

4.3% strongly disagree

Keynote addresses were effective at increasing my understanding of the challenges of eliminating the achievement gap in Santa Clara County:

43.5% strongly agree

47.8% agree

8.7% no opinion

0.0% disagree

0.0% strongly disagree

How would you rate the SJ/SV 2020 Symposium overall?
50.0% excellent

40.9% good

4.5% satisfactory

4.5% fair

0.0% poor
What Will Your Next Steps Be in Sharing the Resouces and Information Gathered Today?
Review the conference with management team

Meet with my administration about how the library can help schools more.

Share info informally with my colleagues
Organize a school task force on "Closing the Achievement Gap". The task force is to develop a school strategy for our local program strategy.
I am sharing the presentations with SV2 and NPOs.

Use the information at staff and planning meetings

Sharing information with everyone in our program

In workshops that I offer
Sharing some of the materials with educational colleagues

I will meet regularly with leadership teams to fully integrate key concepts

Taking this information back to my board members
We will be looking at how better to implement supportive programs to get our students of color engaged and enrolled in AP and Honors classes

A meeting with my administration

Join Dr. Duncan-Andrade's network and share with others
Follow-up Sessions
December 16 & 17, 2013
Anthony Muhammed, Ph.D. & Sharroky Hollie, Ph.D.
The Will to Lead, the Skill to Teach: Transforming Schools at Every Level
194 registrants as of December 5

March & May 2014
Glenn Singleton (tentative)

Project Contributors
Xavier De La Torre, Ed.D., County Superintendent
Angelica Ramsey, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer
SCCOE Toolkit Workshop Members
Countywide Advisory Group Members
Office of the Superintendent
Video Production
Graphic Design & Layout
Web Master

1. Publication,
Educating for Global Competence:
The Value of World Languages

2. Presentation PowerPoints for three target groups

3. Video: Shaping Our Global Future

4. A web page for posting products 1-3
Access the Toolkit
A complete list of resources is available at:
Voices from Stakeholders
Shaping Our Global Future:
The Value of Multilingualism
Develop and distribute to the SCCOE workforce a Comprehensive Communication Plan to inform internal and external audiences of SCCOE services.
CCSS Comprehensive Professional Development Plan Team Members
Angelica Ramsey, Ed.D. - Lead
Chief Academic Officer

Kelly Calhoun, Ed.D., Chief Technology Officer

Lisa Andrew, Ed.D., Director,
Assessment & Accountability

Craig Blackburn, Director
Technology Programs &
Instructional Support Center

Melissa Christie, Director
Curriculum & Instruction

Cecilio Dimas, Director, STEAM

Yee Wan, Ed.D., Multilingual Programs

Frank Wells, Ed.D., District & Leadership Support

Implementing CCSS Key Shifts
CCSS Comprehensive Professional
Development Plan
Three-year Goal

Provide support to districts, communities, schools and students
Six-Month Strategic Objective
Purpose & Tenet
: All students will have access to robust, comprehensive, meaningful, rigorous and equitable pathways for college and career success.
Through premier professional development SCCOE strives to provide an academic experience that involves all children in authentic, collaborative experiences with a problem-solving focus.
Areas of Focus



Professional Development Plan
Team Members
Philip Gordillo
Phil Benfield
Craig Blackburn
Judy Bugarin
Melissa Christie
Jackie Durham
Nancy Guerrero
Yvette Irving
Lisa Kaufman
Kathy Sealana
Ana Trujillo
Meeting Dates
September 11
October 2
October 30
December 6
Defined the issue

Brainstormed themes contributing to the issue;categorized them into two themes - "culture" & "access"

Solicited perceptions regarding the definition of "premier employer"

Drafted a project statement of work
Revised objective
: By March 31, 2014, develop and distribute a plan to the Cabinet to build leadership capacity to prepare employees for future professional opportunities.
Team Members
Philip Gordillo
Phil Benfield
Nancy Guerrero
Leland Takemoto
Kelly Calhoun, Ed.D.
Kathy Sealana
Craig Blackburn
Melissa Christie
Stephanie Lo
Laurene Beto
Meeting Dates
September 24
November 25
December 6
January 29, 2014
Strategic planning team and Champions for Leadership (CFL) planning committee are collaborating on the following:

Vetted idea to various stakeholders to build internal leadership capacity by creating a Tier II of the Champions for Leadership (CFL) Program

Collaborated with the CFL planning team regarding the content of Tier II CFL Program

Developing a principal summer internship program in Special Education
Project Team
Lisa Andrew, Ed.D.
Craig Blackburn
Kelly Calhoun, Ed.D.
Toni Cordova
Nancy Guerrero
Judy Kershaw
Kathy Sealana (Lead)
Ana Trujillo
Develop and distribute to the Leadership Team a consistent process for the Cabinet getting feedback before and after changes in management, policies and procedures.
Present to the Leadership Team a process to strengthen two-way communication between the Cabinet and the Leadership Team and solicit feedback.
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