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Human acts & Acts of man

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alyssa mae

on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of Human acts & Acts of man

Human acts & Acts of man
Human act
A human act is an action that is considered to be carried out voluntarily, an act
Examples of human act.
Decision making on material things.
like choosing what perfume to wear.
Doing things with reason.
like putting makeup to impress.
Human acts
Human Acts are characterized as:

the free and voluntary acts of man
acts done with knowledge
Three elements of human acts
1. knowledge
2. Freedom
3. Voluntariness
Situation #1
Mariz is a college student. Her mother works as a vegetable vendor while her father is a waiter. Their earnings are barely enough to send their child to school. Before the finals exam Mariz's parents failed to send
it is a human act. there is knowledge, freedom and voluntariness. Mariz was at the right age with the right mind to decide whether to work as a prostitute or not.
Situation #2
Mrs. Darla is a ver rich businesswoman. her only son was kidnapped and the kidnappers asked for P50 million pesos. Mrs. Darla gave the money right away.
it is an act of man. there is fear present. Mrs. Darla was afraid of losing her son so she gave the money.
Modifiers of Human acts
If one of these are present then it is considered as Acts of Man
Acts of man
Acts that man indeliberately or without advertence
Mans act of sensation (use of senses)
Acts of appetition ( bodily tendencies)
Acts done in delirium, in sleep,
Essential qualities
-done without knowledge
-without consent

Acts of man
acts of man can become human acts when one employs intellect and will in performing the act.
Morality of human acts
what if morality?

from the greek word MORES-behavior
refers to the rightness or wrongness of the act.
Morality and human act
Human acts are those that are freely chosen
in consequence of a judgement of conscience.

They are either good or evil.
The morality depends on the object
Moral determinants of human acts
HUMAN ACTS are neutral in themselves but they aquire morality when we speak of:
1. Object of the act
2. Circumstance
3. Intention
Object of the act.
OBJECT specifies the "act of the will"
what was performed of the moral agent?
an object if the act is good when it is confirmity with reason r when it fulfills or fits the
Intention/end in view
⚫️Motive of the agent- factor which the agent acts;either be morally good or evil.
⚫️Purpose for which the human agent performs the act.
⚫️Concerned with the goal of the activity.
Refers to the event, occasions or conditions that make the act concrete.

Responsibility of the agent.
Which action is subjected to morality?
Human acts?
Acts of man?
all Human Acts are subjected to morality.

human acts are different from animal act because man by nature acts towards to an end. one's life has a purpose.
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