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No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Haley-Gibson-Prezi

Chapter #1
-Frankie is a young girl who just had a loved one pass away, because of the Great depression.
-Frankie heard a horrible noise.
-Frankie's father shot himself but she had no idea yet.
-The Great Depression was bad news for everyone, it took away jobs and had people having other ways to come up with money.
-Along with people losing there jobs, the stock markets also went out of business or crashed.
Chapter #2
-Frankie and her dad lived in Philadelphia.
-Frankie finally found out what happened to her father, he had shot himself.
- Frances is another name she likes to be called.
- Frances was sad and angry at her father for commenting suicide just because of the Great Depression, taking his job away.
- If you were to have a dollar then that would of been a lot of money back then. Frances is starting to get information from people about hobos.
- Shes herd them called bums, and being lazy.
Chapter #3
-Frankie is going threw a rough time without her father around.
-She is seeing everything is different and harder.
-Frankie has hatred trod her father because he mad ea mistake.
-Frankie thinks it would be a good idea to dich living with her aunt and to become a hobo.
- She starts talking to a homeless man and begins to hear about adventures.
-Everyone one would call hobos bums or lazy.
Chapter #5-7
Chapter #8-10
-Frankie sees other hobos start to jump on to the the train to ride aboard
-Frankie jumps into a box car which soon meets Stewpot.
- Frankie got to know some about stew but looked at how hard it was to be on her own.
-As they ride they make there way to the "jungle which is like a little area for them to get some shut eye and take a bath if needed.
-Frankie finds out that there are other girls that are hobos.
-Frankie would be hungry for awhile and reflect it on her old life were she was fed certain hours and always had a good meal.
Chapter #4
-Frankie is going to chicago to live with her aunt.
-Frances gets ready to get picked up by the taxi, which will drive her to her aunts.
-As Frances awaits to go, everyone is being generous about getting Frankie where she needs to be.
- on page 26, this quote stands the most out to me.
-"Your aunts a fine lady miss Frankie. I'd go to her house with you if I could and that's the god's honest truth".
Chapter #11-13
Nowhere To Call Home
-Frankie decides to leave the taxi and get on bored of train all by her self.
-Frankie had jumped out of the taxi when the driver was not looking.
-When Frankie gets off of the train she arrives to men cloths store.
- She walked in and bought some cloths to keep warm.
-As she starts walking around a man/cop tells her its not safe to be walking around.
-After that she gets her new cloths on and cuts her hair to look like a boy.
-Frankie begins to think more about being a hobo.
-Frankie had slept at the jungle and found
she had her harmonica missing.
-She found out that a group had been steeling some valuables.
-Frankie would make her voice by making it deeper.
Chapter #14-16
Chapter #17-19
Chapter #20-26
-Frankie and Stewpot ere travling all over such
as Iowa, Mts, San Francisco.
-Fankie and stew got to know more about each other such as future dreams, Stewpot wants to have a farm and Frankie wants to play the piano.
-As they start traveling more, Frankie had to jump out of the boxcar without being caught.
-Frankie and Stewpot had to go to jail because of there crimes and they got caught.
-People who were criminals were treated way better than hobos because criminals got dull plates of food and hobos would get bitten off pieces or not that much to eat.
-Stewpot got sick and Frankie had to help get him around.
- She also had to make sure he stayed warm because he kept on shaking.
- They both had to jump out of the box car but when Stewpot landed, he couldn't get up.
-Frankie had to help him walk and get to a safe place wear a man offered to help get him to the hospital but stewpot didn't want to go.
-Instead of taking him there, Frankie walked to the hospital and asked for help but they can only help if Stewpot was in the building.
-Frankie hurried back to get stewpot and had the man help carrie him with her but then half way she fell and his head laded in her lap.
-Stewpot told her about how he knew she was a girl and then passed away.
-Soon after Frankie hoped on a train and went home.
-when she got to her aunts she noticed the cat carving.
-Her aunt was so worried about her..
-Stewpot carried around a knife and would make a crafts out of sticks.
-Stewpot took Frankie to a knife store and got her a pocket knife.
- He tried to show her how to use it the right way.
-Stewpot showed frankie about how hobos
make secret carvings in houses to tell others that this house has good people.
-Stewpot and Frankie came up to a house with a cat carving and knocked on the door.
-It turned out to be a lady with a baby.
-The lady was very nice and thoughtful.
-She fed them in return for some work to do for her.
-They began to hit the road and get ion to a other boxcar to Iowa.
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