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Mary Mae Salazar

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Europe

- sixth largest continent
- world's second-smallest continent
by surface area
- home to both the smallest country
and the largest in the world

- 50 states ; 27 EU member
- third-most populous continent
population of 733 million or
about 11% of the world's population

Europe's culture is a series of overlapping cultures; cultural mixes exist across the continent. Foundation was laid by the Greeks, strengthened by the Romans, stabilized by Christianity,
- the only continent without any deserts
- produces over 18% of oil in the world
- one of the world's lowest fertility rates

10 most generous countries in the world when it comes to charitable giving are all located in Europe









Republic of Austria: VIENNA

- 3,855 square kilometres (32,377 sq mi)
- 8.47 million people
- 9 states; 72 Cities
- Currency: EURO
- Official Language: GERMAN
- one of the oldest national flags in the world
- terrain is highly mountainous
- Has a temperate and alpine climate
- 74% are Roman Catholic
12% have no religion
5% considered themselves Protestants
- Football (soccer) is a popular sport
- generated a broad contribution to various
forms of art, most notably music
- the cradle of numerous scientists with
international reputation.
- a country of poets, writers, and novelists
- Austrian cuisine (Tradition of Royal-Cuisine)
- traditionally strong Contributions to the
worlds of film and theatre
- has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe
- likely to be friendly yet reserved and formal
- softly spoken and well mannered
- law abiding
- socially conservative
- family oriented
- a Catholic at heart, not particularly religious
but a follower of tradition
- well-educated if not as cosmopolitan as his/her
European cousins
- cynical
- equipped with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor
12th richest country
in the world in GDP
2012 Estimate:
Total - $358.916 billion;
Per Capita - $42,477

large service sector (65%)
industrial sector
agricultural sector

-Tourism accounting 9% of the Austrian GDP
Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO)
‘Holidays in Austria’
winter sports capital of Europe
Schönbrunn Palace
St Anton am Arlberg




"Quality before Quantity"
a signatory state of the
Schengen Agreement
French Republic: PARIS

- Total Area - 674,843 km2
- Population - 65,350,000 (2012 Estimate)
- Official Language – FRENCH
- Currency – Euro
- 27 administrative regions
22 provincial regions
- N and NW - temperate climate,
Metropolitan France - combination of
maritime influences with varied climate
- Western cultural
recognized in the world for its rich cultural

- cheek kiss to greet

- French Fashion

- has a strong sporting history: football
world's fifth-largest
Europe's second-largest
by nominal GDP - $2.580 trillion (2012 Est.)

agriculture: 2.2%
industry: 21%
services: 76.7% (2007)

- Tourism is accountable for 6% of the
country's income
French cuisine

- Over 9,000 restaurants exist in Paris
- 400 types of cheese!
- There are about 2 new cook books that are
published every day in France.
- 450 different wine appellations
world’s most famous liqueurs
Wealthiest nation
in Europe
in the world

- the world's largest insurance company: AXA
- the world's largest airline company in incomes: Air France
- the world's biggest cosmetic company: L'Oreal
- the world's 1st and 2nd largest luxury companies: LVMH and PPR
- the world's largest energy company: GDF-Suez
- the world's largest utility company: EDF
- the world's nuclear-energy leader: Areva
- the world's largest environmental services and water
management company: Veolia Environnement
- the world's largest cement company: Lafarge
- the world's largest outdoor advertising corporation: JCDecaux
- the world's 1st, 6th and 8th biggest banks in assets in 2010:
BNP Paribas,
- the world's second largest aerospacial company: EADS
- the word's fourth largest private oil company: Total
- the world's fifth largest food company and the world's largest
mineral water provider: Danone
- the world's third largest advertising company: Publicis
- the world's 6th and Europe's 2nd largest automaker: PSA
- the leading European hotel group: Accor
most-visited country in the world
- Europe's
second busiest airport
- Paris Charles de Gaulle airport
- French TGV – f
astest train in the world,
with an average speed of

263.3 km/h from station to station
Disneyland Paris


Musée du Louvre

Eiffel Tower

Palace of Versailles

Tour de France

Taizé Community
Avenue Montaigne


Federal Republic of Germany: BERLIN

- 357,021 square kilometres (137,847 sq mi)
- Population of 81,799,600 (2012 est.)
- consists of 16 states
- Currency: EURO
- Official language: GERMAN
- has a largely temperate seasonal climate
(Winters are mild and summers tend to be cool)
- Religion: Christianity (62.8%)
- Largest music market in Europe
and third largest in the world
- German Culture has been shaped by major intellectual and popular currents in Europe.
- Gender equality
disability rights
- Sport forms an integral part of German life.
- Association football is the most popular sport.
- The German Football Association is the
sports organization

of its kind worldwide.
- The Bundesliga attracts the second highest
average attendance of any professional sports
league in the world.
- One of the leading motorsports countries in
the world.
- has the
largest and most powerful national
in Europe
- the
fourth largest
by nominal GDP in the world
- the
biggest net contributor
to the EU budget

GDP - $3.194 Trillion (2012 est)
service sector (71%)
industry (28%)
agriculture (1%)

- the
world’s fourth largest producer

largest exporter
of automobiles.
- the
leading producer
of wind turbines and solar power technology in the world.
- the safest travel destinations worldwide.
- well known for health tourism (spa towns)
- The largest annual international trade fairs
and congresses are held
Federal Minister of Economics and Technology
When to go
- Late spring and early autumn
- December: cities host the
characteristic Christmas market
(Weihnachtsmarkt), and ski season

- October: the
beer capital of the world;

1.6 million gallons (7 million liters) or
Germany’s finest brews are served




Berlin Zoo



Kingdom of the Netherlands:

- Total area: 41 526 km²
- Population: 16.7 million (2012 Est.)
- 12 Provinces
- Currency: EURO
- The official language is dutch & FRISIAN
- Roman Catholicism (24%)
- Football is the most popular sport
- Climate: temperate; marine;
cool summers and mild winters
- a "Low Country".
- Dutch cuisine
- GDP $832.160 billion (2011 est.)
agriculture: 2.7%
industry: 24.2%
services: 73.1%

16th largest economy
in the world
world's 10 leading exporting countries
world's largest flower exporter
- the
largest cheese exporter
in the world


Dam Square

De Wallen
Kingdom of Belgium

- Area 11,781 sq mi (30,513 sq km)
- Population: 11,041,266 9 (2012 estimate)
- 3 Regions; 9 Provinces
- Currency: EURO
- Belgium experiences mild winter and
cool summers
- Religions Roman Catholic, Protestant
- Euthanasia and gay marriages are legal
- GDP $513.396 billion (2011 Est.)
Services account (74.9%)
agriculture accounts for only 1%
industrial sectors

- The diamond capital:
world’s main diamond center

- second largest
petrochemical center

- Dependent on foreign trade and investments
Major investors in Belgium are France,
Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

- the
largest exporter in the world
Major export partners are United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and the United States.

Highest producer
of the assortment of bricks in the world.

Grand Place

Republic of Finland: HELSINKI

- Area: 338,424 km2 (130,596 sq mi)
- Population: 5,421,82 (2012 est.)
- Currency: EURO
- 19 Regions
- Official Language:
FINNISH (90%) – SWEDISH (5%)
- a country of thousands of lakes and
- Pesäpallo is the national sport
GDP: $195.723 billion (2012 Est.)
services (66%)
manufacturing and refining (31%)
Primary production (2.9%)

- export-led industries
"metal industry"
world's biggest cruise ships
"forest industry"

- largest trade flows:
Germany, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom,
United States,Netherlands and China.
Notable companies in Finland include

the former market leader in mobile telephony
Stora Enso
, world's largest paper manufacturer
, world's third largest paper
Neste Oil
, oil refining and marketing company;
Aker Finnyards
, manufacturer of the world's largest
cruise ships
Rovio Mobile
, video game developer
, a manufacturer of elevators and escalators
, a producer of power plants and ship engines
, the largest Helsinki-Vantaa based
international airline
(from the mid of May to mid of September)

- ‘RUSKA’ Autumn season
-Spring Season

- The SNOW season
(from November until May)

of Kemi
Kingdom of Denmark: COPENHAGEN

- Area: 42,894.8 km2
- Population: 5,580,413 (2012 Est.)
- Currency: DANISH KRONE
- Official Language: DANISH
- Religion: Evangelical Lutheran Church
- The national sport is football (soccer).
- Europe's oldest kingdom
"fairytale country"
- Modesty, punctuality & equality
- Social equality
- quite liberal and tolerant towards sexual
-Copenhagen is a popular destination for
lesbian and bisexual travelers
"Copenhagen Pride parade"
- modern, prosperous and developed mixed
market economy, ranking
16th in the world
GDP $206.586 billion (2011 Est.)

- most free labour market in Europe
- easiest place in Europe to do business
- the
world's lowest level of income inequality
- the
world's highest minimum wage
- ranks as number
32 in the world
among net
exporters of crude oil
- world-leading in providing diabetes care
equipment and medication products
- industrial production/manufactured goods
- agricultural products and others for
Tivoli Gardens


- Area: 103,001 km2
- Population: 320,060 (2012 Est.)
- Language: ICELANDIC
- 8 Regions
- The climate is subpolar oceanic
- rich and varied culture
- Icelandic traditional arts include
weaving, silversmithing, & wood carving
- professional theaters, a symphony
orchestra, an opera, and a large amount
of art galleries, bookstores, cinemas,
and museums
- Iceland's literacy rate is among the
highest in the world
- love of literature, art, chess, and other
intellectual pursuits
- Sport is an important part of Icelandic
culture; Glíma,
- Surtsey
- economy diversifying into manufacturing,
industry accounts and
service industries (70%)
GDP $12.409 billion (2011 Est.)

- hydroelectric and geothermal power
- depended heavily on fishing
(40% of export earnings)
- Ecotourism and whale-watching

- Summer months (June-Aug).
- Spring months (Apr-May)
- Autumn months (Sept-Oct)
- Winter months (Jan-Mar/Nov-Dec)

- 50% US citizens
42% Nordic countries
27% UK
50% from elsewhere.
Blue Lagoon

Republic of Ireland: DUBLIN

- Area: 84,421 km2
- Population: 6,399,152
- third-largest island in Europe
- the twentieth-largest island on Earth
- Languages: Irish and English
- Christianity (73%)
- Irish culture
- Gaelic football is the most popular sport
- a modern knowledge economy
- dependent on trade industry and investment
- GDP - €159 bn
agriculture 2%
industry 29%
services 69

- low corporation tax
- the
world's seventh largest producer

of zinc concentrates
- the
world's twelfth largest producer

of lead concentrates
- one of the
largest exporters
pharmaceuticals and software-related goods
and services in the world
- ‘Green Hills’
- learn English
- abundance of cheap Irish hotels,
bed and breakfasts and guest-houses
self-catering accommodation
camping sites and hostels

Titanic Belfast
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