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Introduction To Video Editing

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Laura-Jayne Meades

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Introduction To Video Editing

Introduction to
Video Editing Premiere Elements 11 Four Tips For Editing Video:
Timeline Four Tips for Editing Video:
Filters and Transitions Timeline and Cutting
Tutorial Short Overview and Demo Most editing software will include a timeline.
Here you can place your clips in order.
When it is in order you can cut out the sections you don't need. If different lighting occurs then filters can be used to give the video a uniform look.
Simple transitions such as a straight cut can be used to move one clip to the next.
Try to avoid using too many transitions such as zooms or fades. Four Tips For Editing Video:
Titles and Credits Titles can be useful so your video can be easily identified
Depending on your software you can make the text more interesting by animating it.
Credits are used at the end of a video and show the roles of the people involved. Four Tips for Editing Video:
Audio Generally you can import your audio files into your project and add it to your timeline.
It is recommended that you stagger audio so it rolls over the clips.
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