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dogs older/yonger

No description

Mr. Stack

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of dogs older/yonger

Dogs are as smart as humans!

How dogs see /hear things
dog video
this is 2 videos one of a dog that is 7 and one of a dog that is a few weeks old. You will get the exact amount of weeks in the video.

Dogs older /younger
Older dogs react quicker because they have heard it repetitively over and over again .As new born they don't really know whats going on because they haven't been around enough.

how dogs react to human language
Picture of a dogs brain
Dog memory
dogs are smarter than you
there ears perk up that's how you know there paying attention epically for a treat They will
follow you until you give it to them.

dogs do there own thing when you don't bother them. But if you do bother them they will run away or

Dogs might be color blind but they can hear allot better than we can. Because dogs can hear 4 times far away than us.

Dogs can remember over 1,000 stuffed animals. They can remember all of their names. The dogs name that can do that is chaser.
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