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Elements of a Short Story

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on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Elements of a Short Story

Elements of a Short Story
Thank You Ma'am
Mrs. Jones was a large woman with a large purse. It was 11 o'clock pm in the dark, cool night. Just then a frail boy tried to steal her purse. The weight of the purse and the boy's weight caused him to fall over. The woman was strong. She picked up the skinny dirty boy, scolded him, and said, "Pick up my pocketbook, boy and give it here you ought to be ashamed of yourself". Then the large woman started up the street, dragging the frightened boy behind her. "You ought to be my son" she said. The boy thought she was going to take him to jail to turn him in but instead she insisted to take him home.
While Mrs. Jones went to get something to eat, she left her purse on the daybed. She wanted to know if Roger would trust her, not to steal the purse or to run. Roger, at the same time wanted to be trusted. He sat on the far side of the room so he could easily be seen out of the corner of her eye. He did not want to be mistrusted now.
Thank you!
In the beginning they were just strangers, but now they have bonded together. The woman gives him food to eat and $10.00 to buy blue suede shoes. The theme of this story is respect and friendship. She told Roger to behave himself from now on. After Roger left the house, he learns to behave himself before Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones shuts the door and leaves his life forever. Roger hesitated to respond. Then finally he answered " Thank you ma'am."
Falling Action
Roger asked if he could help by going to the store to get milk, but Mrs. Jones said it was unnecessary. While they ate , the characters talk to each other about themselves and find out more about each other. They began to trust each other. Mrs. Jones cut him a half of her ten-cent cake. Roger was not mistrusted anymore and didn't run away from the woman. They started to gain friendship and respect.
Rising Action
She tells the boy that once she gets through with him, he is going to remember Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. The boy starts to get nervous. Mrs. Jones put a half-nelson about his neck, and dragged him up to her large house. She asks for the boys name, while she still had him by the neck. "Roger" answered the boy. Mrs. Jones finds out that Roger doesn't have a family, and he wanted blue suede shoes. The woman said "She was young once and wanted things she couldn't get." There was a long pause. The boy then had internal conflict, he frowned and didn't know what to say next.

Story By: Langston Hughes
Prezi made by: Madison Fair, Claire MacDonald, Alyssia Yousif and Jimming He
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