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Analysis of a music video: by Two Door Cinema Club

This analysis is of a band of the same genre as The Maccabees (alternative/indie rock)

gemma staines

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Analysis of a music video: by Two Door Cinema Club

IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE ON HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE, PLEASE CHECK: https://prezi.com/n-8ibkiw881r/number-systems/ The main thing shown to the audience is the band - in different roles, playing their instruments in weird and abstract ways. Mainly focused on the main-man, Alex Trimble who, throughout the video, makes quick-changes of clothes (what appear to be theatre costumes). The video appears to be set in the past, with darker colours, dull clothing and in what seems to be a derelict theatre with old, velvet curtains and costumes etc.
The video includes lots of canted angles, with strange cuts and ideas that make up the video. It is fairly fast paced, with bright, random lighting and shots that have been sped up in editing. What does the video feature? Video background By Gemma Staines Analysis of a music video: Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk Eliot James The link between music and visuals is very well considered; as the music is generally fast paced, and has a happy, uplifting feel to it - similar to the video including colours and fast-paced shots. General aspects Genre characteristics As indie music videos are usually associated with quirkiness, and most of the time will either be performance with narrative or performance with concept- just like this video, as the visuals are very unusual, but with no clear narrative. As we can see colours, lighting and instruments, this video is very stereotypical of music videos of this particular genre. Also, we're shown all of the band members during the video, which is also extremely typical of indie rock music videos; along with other features of the video that also make it stereotypical of the genre. There is a very obvious link between the video and the band as the band members are the 4 main roles in the video itself. This is an extremely typical feature of indie rock music videos, as indie bands (in my opinion) prefer to market themselves as a whole; not just their music. So a consumer will be buying the 'whole package' when they purchase an album for example: the music, the band, and the reliability of the band as it is proven that they produce their own material. Is there a strong focus on the band? Link between music and visuals There is no obvious intertextual use, or links to other media sources in this video. In my opinion, this is good as it makes the video original, and shows that the producers didn't need to use material or ideas from other sources to make an effective video. Intertextuality Produced by: 20 November 2009 Released in: Thankyou for watching!
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