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Family Tree

No description

ryan hart

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree
Courtney Massey
Q:What is your academic background?
A: High school diploma and some college.
Q: What is your job title?
A: Haha i am a stay at home mom. I take care of my three daughters.
Q:What do you like about your job?
A: Spending time with my family.
Q: What would you change?
A: The pay and i wish there was more down time.
Q: How did you choose your job?
A: I didn't pick up birth control. My husband works enough to support us.
Q: Have you had any previous jobs?
A: I was a waitress throughout high school. And a little in college
Q: What made you decide to stop waitressing?
A: I got pregnant .
Q: What are the two most interesting things that happen while being a stay at home mom?
A: 1. Watching my kids poop on themselves.
2. Watching them grow up
Q: If you could put your happiness on a scale from one to ten what would it be?
A: 10
Q: What's your dream job?
A: besides being a stay at home mom. A nurse.

Lavesta DeAnda
Q:What is your academic Background?
A: I have a Bachelors of science in Math and Statistics and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. I am currently working on My Masters in petroleum engineering.
Q: What is your current job title? What do you do in a regular day?
A: I am an Operations Tech. I track oil variants by making maps. I track well Failures and assist operations engineers.
Q: What do you like about your job?
A: I am constantly learning something.
Q:What would you change about your current job?
A:I dont know. Just maybe the position.
Q:What made you decide your career ?
A: I have always had a love for math and engineering.
Q:What other careers have you had and what made you decide to leave?
A: Teacher, "I didn't play by the rules"
Q: Is your career interesting?
A: Very interesting. I learn something new everyday.
Q: Happiness! scale of one to ten go!
A: 8!
Q: As a child what was your dream job?
A: I wanted to be a stewardess.

The Way out
"Step Dad"
Q:What is your academic background?
A:Gainesville ISD Diploma
Q:Whats your current job title?
A: Assembly Specialist
Q:What do you like about your job?
A:The commradory of co workers
Q: What would you change about your job?
A: Less Labor And a better cafeteria.
Q: Why did you choose this job?
A: It was a good job at the time; good benefits.
Q: What other careers did you have?
A: I supervised the production line of a plastic plant. But it shut down. Then i went to do directional drilling for utilities. it offered better money. but I was away from my family too much. As a result I came to Peterbilt. It is the best job i have had.
Q: What are some interesting things about your job?
A: It is a challenge everyday.
Q: How happy are you from 1-10
A: 7.
" I don't have a career , I have a job."
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