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greek geography

No description

emily johnson

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of greek geography

greece has alot of rocky ground and their lands are surrounded by water
there are only a few flat farm lands,and travling was very difficult becsue all the water and mountains
greek geography
most of greek is nothing but seas and mountains
1.minoans spent most time at the sea
2.they shipped and carried goods
1.diffrent from minoans
2.set colonies with italy
3.they didnt agree wit trade
greek city states
1.polis:is a city state surrounded by land and got envolved which led to the dark ages that ended the mycenaean downfall
acropolis:was surrounded by buildings everywhere.and the constuction of the buildings was guided by perciles
covering of greeks city states

1.coastal areas of sothern italy was colonized by varios from 8th to 5th centuries .
2.the colonized because fertile land
1.they traded goods like copper,gold,silver,and jewls.
2.they also trades wood,olive oiland pottery
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