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Killing Mr. Griffin by: Lois Duncan

No description

Ally Hempleman

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Killing Mr. Griffin by: Lois Duncan

Killing Mr. Griffin by: Lois Duncan
-Killing Mr. Griffin takes place in a high school , Del Norte, in Alburquerque, New Mexico.

-It is spring time in 1970 and it's very windy, dusty, and pink.
The main Characters in this story are Susan McConnell, Mark Kinney, David Ruggles, Jeff Garret, Besty Cline, and, of course, Mr. Griffin
Susan McConnell
-Susan is the main character
-Claims she doesn't like her family and wants to move far away from everyone
-Likes David Ruggles
-Wears glasses and thinks she's ugly
-She is shy, optomistic, hopeful, and full of dreams
Mark Kinney
-Mark is one of the main characters
-His lowered eye-lids cover his shiny eyes
-He's mysterious, lean, expressionless, cool, sadistic, manipulative, hyper, enthusiastic, and a total psychopath
David Ruggles
-David is one of the main characters
-He is a senior and the class president at Del Norte High School
-He lives with his mom and grandmother (Gram) because his dad left them when David was young
-He is popular, sweet, humble, loving, competitive, motivated, and caring
Besty Cline
-Betsy is one of the main characters
-Known by everyone
-She is short, muscular, has a pussy-cat sort of face and freckles, and is comsidered 'cute' instead of beautiful
-She acts ditzy, is popular, selfish, and hateful, especially towards Susan
Jeff Garrett
-Jeff is one of the main characters
-He is captain of the basketball team and is dating the head cheerleader, Besty Cline
-He is big, loud, out-going, hot tempered, and worrysome
-He is tall and broad-shouldered
-Easily persuaded into doing things
Mr. Brian Griffin
-One of the main characters
-High School English teacher at Del Norte
-Married to Kathy Griffin and is expecting a child
-He is firm, strict, abrasive, resistant, a perfectionist, and hated by many of his students
Plot: Rising Action
Event #1
Event #2
-Mark, Jeff, Betsy, David, and Susan go on a picnic at a perserved location up in the mountains to plan to kidnapp their teacher, Mr. Griffin. They want him to beg and they want to scare him so that he is less stirct on his teaching strategies.
-When Mark, David, Jeff, and Betsy get up to the mountain with Mr. Griffin they tell him to beg for his freedom but he is stubborn and refuses to beg. He says that he knows there are not that many of them and that they won't hurt him in fear of getting caught.
Event #3
-Mr. Griffin dies up on the mountain while the kids are away. This event really messes up their plans and alibis so they make a new plan to get rid of the evidence and make it look like Mr. Griffin ran away.
-Mark sets the drapes in Susan's house on fire while she is tied up inside of it to keep her from telling the police all about how they kidnapped Mr. Griffin and how he died and they buried him and tried to get rid of the evidence.
Mr. Griffin dies up on the mointain but the kids weren't planning on him dying so they have to make a plan to get rid of the evidence and somehow get away with it without someone finding out that they kidnapped him.
Plot: Falling Action
Event #1
Event #2
Lieutenant Baca and Mrs. Griffin show up at Susan's house just as Mark had set the drapes on fire. They noticed that Mr. Griffin's car had been out front and thought something might be going on so they went around to the back and caught Mark as he left Susan's house and put out the fire before any damage could be done.
All five kids, Mark, David, Jeff, Betsy, and Susan, have to go on trial and tell the truth about what happend even though they could be charged with the manslaughter of Mr. Griffin.
The kids finally find out what the consequenses of kidnapping your teacher are. They all have to go on trial for kidnapping Mr. Griffin and possibly manslaughter. Mark has to go on trial for kidnapping Mr. Griffin, possibly killing Mrs. Ruggles, and for attempting to kill Susan.
A symbol in this book is the wind. The wind re-occurs throughout the book at important times. For example, the wind is blowing the day David and Susan meet at school and when David tells Susan about his grandmother's death and she realizes that Mark probably killed her. But, the wind is not blowing when they make the plan.
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