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Stagecoach Road

No description

Angela Marino

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Stagecoach Road

Stagecoach Road Bridge Improvement Project at
Little Johns Creek


Initial Problem

Existing Road Conditions
2-lane public road
Low-water crossing
Steep grade approach
Inaccessible due to flooding
Deteriorated structures, ex: headwalls, wingwalls, property fences

Proposed Solution
Provide year-round road accessibility

Single-span, cast-in-place bridge

Design for a 50 year flood event

Balance cut/fill design to provide comfortable bridge approaches

Minimal Environmental/Utility impact

Design Criteria
Design Requirements
Pavement Design
Elevation Plan View
Staged Construction North
References Used:
A Geometric Policy on Roadway Design
Local Standards-Caltrans
Highway Design Manual

Design Features:
Must sustain a 50 year flood event
Must allow for 2ft freeboard
Staged Construction (North)

HBP Funding 200ft on each approach
Minimum Turning Radii = 115ft

Stopping Sight Distance = 115ft, K-value of 7
Passing Sight Distance = 400ft, K-value of 57
Decision Sight Distance = N/A (local road)

R = 25
Traffic Index = 5
WSEL50 = 921.6'

Existing low-water crossing on Stagecoach Road is impassable for the majority of the year.

The project is to design a solution for Stagecoach Road to be accessible year-round.

Environmental Constraints
Threatened/Endangered Species:
1. Problem

Low-water crossing
Steep grade
Inaccessible during rainy season

2. Solution
Single-span, cast-in-place bridge
50 year flood event
Staged North

3. Alternative Design
Precast bridge


Air Quality
Local Water Resources
Threatened/Endangered Species
Environmental Constraints
Estimated Project Cost
Environmental Constraints
Environmental Constraints
Local Water Resources:
Air Quality:

Rule 424:
"States that the authority to construct decision, the air pollution control officer may give exemption to projects that potentially emit less than 100 tons per year pollution."
Northern Curve
Southern Curve
Elderberry Bushes on South Side of Bridge
Aerial View
Little Johns Creek is tributary to San Joaquin River

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Erosion and Scour

Silt Curtains

Environmental Constraints
Vegetation Removal:
Thank You!
Oak tree removal

Vegetation restoration

Permit required
Stagecoach Road Existing Alignment
Project Location
Storm conditions
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