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Elderly Alert

No description


on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Elderly Alert

Elderly Care
My solution for this is that I could make a robotic waterproof wheelchair for elderly that fall in their garden or slip in the shower. Elderly can get diseases and die so whatever the elderly wants to do the wheelchair can do it.
Thank you!

What does the wheelchair have?

What does the wheelchair do?
World Issue

My world issue is on elderly.
When an elderly falls and can't get up the elderly can't get up without someone lifting him or her up.

Why do elderly people need our help
They need our help because they might get sick or paralyzed because of falling down anywhere. So i created something new.
*robotic arms
*sensor under wheelchair
*cup holder
*mini desk
If the person on the wheelchair wants to eat an apple the person has to either type on his or her special iPad or speak to the special iPad.If you want to take a shower or a bath then there is this button that you press and then it will turn waterproof .
This is a picture of a elderly a in wheelchair thinking about his life.
By Breanne Cruz
Ms.Stephanie 4th
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