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How does social media affect families?

No description

Rebecca Williams

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of How does social media affect families?

Through advertisements
Virtual "Family" Friends
We have all done it at some point. Adding our friends on Facebook as our siblings or parents is pretty common. But why has it become such a social norm to have these "Facebook Families"? Never before have we had the capability to make a social declaration about who we consider our "family".
Let's start with the facts:
Five new Facebook profiles are created every second.
As of 10/6/13 the total number of Facebook users are 1.26 BILLION word wide!
In the US, there are 128 million daily active users.
Social media and family
How does social media affect family?
could it affect our perception of what family means?
Could social media affect our attitude toward family?
Does it influence our family values/morals?
Question: Who cares? what does this have to do with family?
Answer: Calm down, I'm getting there...
Take a look at this! Notice anything?
No, what did i just look at?
A chart showing the age distribution of Facebook users in 20I3
It shows us that ages 18-34 make up more than half of the total users.
Being in the majority, this age group is the target demographic for businesses and advertisements on social media such as Facebook.
This is the age range in which people start getting married and having families. (most impressionable)
By definition, social media is defined as a "form of electronic

through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content."
Given the sheer amount of people using Facebook and the fact that majority of the users are 18-34, It's clear and probable that this content and communication are affecting families to some degree, BUT HOW?
The number of potential pieces of content Facebook users are exposed to every log in: 1,500
Advertisements on Facebook can be persuasive and there are many telling us what to buy for our family, what activities to engage in, what to eat, etc.
Above is a real Facebook ad aimed at families for worship services.
Some Pros and Cons about the use of facebook with families!
-Facebook can let families
express themselves,

- HOWEVER having the ability to express everything is a bad thing. Because almost anyone can see it through mutual friends.
-Websites like Facebook influence adolescents to become more independent.
- Even though independence is good, it can also create a bit of a rift on families. An adolescent's world expands and family is not really whats on their minds anymore.
- Communication on Facebook families can be positive! It might even bring there families Closer.
- OR it can smother the family and your kids think you are overly obsessive and too noisy.
Perhaps it's because through our generation it's more socially acceptable to have these small "Families". The word Family has been extended from the regular term. Family isn't only blood anymore it's more those that are closest that we trust and share moments with.
How do you think Social Media shapes how we view Family?
Can Social Media Break families?
Unfortunately there are a vast numbers of affairs that happen on Facebook. Because there is a vast majority of people on Facebook it wouldn't be coincidental if a old fling would arise.
Studies have stated that, "Recent popular press stories have reported that Facebook is involved in 1 out of 5 divorce cases.In fact, 81 percent of America’s top divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the number of cases citing evidence from social networking sites in the last five years, and Facebook continues to be a top culprit"
Which website do you think is more Family based?
Do you think Social media can be a good thing for family why or why not?
Has social media affected your families in any way?
Do you think that social media has influenced your view on family in anyway?
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