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Unit 1 Notes

No description

Erica McGowan

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Unit 1 Notes

Thank You!
What are Nutrients?
Nutrients are chemical substances from foods needed for the body to function.
Essential Nutrients:
The body can’t make these nutrients so they must come from food, and they are vital for disease prevention, growth, and good health.

All 6 nutrients are essential.
Energy Nutrients:
Unused calories = Weight Gain

If you eat more calories than your body needs then your extra calories turn to fat and causes weight gain
Before calories can be used for energy they must be burned or metabolized!

Metabolism is the amount of energy or calories your body burns to maintain itself.
Essential vs. Non-essential Nutrients
Calories, Nutrients, Metabolism
Unit 1 Notes
Fitness and Nutrition
Non-Essential Nutrients:
These are made naturally in the body. They can also be absorbed through certain foods.
A calorie is a unit that measures energy in food!
This is a measure of the rate at which a person's body "burns" energy in the form of calories while at rest.

What determines your metabolism?
Health Problems
Body Composition (height, weight, muscle, fat)
What you eat
How much you eat
How often you eat
Increase Your Metabolism
Your metabolism is a constant process!
It begins when we are conceived and ends when we die. It is a vital process for all forms of life!
After we take in food...
the body's next step is to break down the sugar so energy is released and can be distributed and used as fuel for the body.
How does the body break down food?
Protein-------into amino acids
Carbohydrates------into simple sugars
Fats-------into fatty acids

Enzymes are molecules in the digestive system that breakdown nutrients.
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