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Social Psychology - The Media and Social Norms

Group Project

Kavita Persaud

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Social Psychology - The Media and Social Norms

The Media and Social Norms Social Psychology The Media and Social Norms What are the examples of Media ? Ways the media affect's us 2 Important factors to consider before we start:
What is the Media?
What is a Social Norm?

The media is any means of communication as a radio and television, newspaper, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.

A Social Norm is described by sociologists as being laws that govern society's behavior. The media and social norms intertwined. Can you tell what is being portrayed in this commercial?
What is are visible signs of social norms being directed at the viewers by means of the media? Some Examples of Social Norms Some examples of social norms are :
- when you eat out to leave a 10% tip for the waiter
- saying please and thank you
- people fall in love and get married and have children

Can you think of any social norms that we see day to
day ? Dress and Grooming
Way of speech
leisure time
Upgrade in Entertainment
Our interest
Attributes What can you understand from looking at this commercial? Movies
Television Media and Consumer Culture Pepsi Commercial (2012) Pepsi Commercial (1961) What differences do you see between the two commercials? How do they differ in selling their product? Consumer Tribes Advertisers frequently rely on fanbases and inherent brand loyalty when selling products. Fanbases and Consumer Tribes often provide a sense of belonging to individuals Why do we "Buy" into media? Gives individuals the opportunity to surround themselves with like minded individuals.
Creates a feeling of inherent acceptance How does media effect children and youth? Promotes violence
Promotes sexism/misogyny
Reflects the views of a patriarchal society
Diminishes body image and self confidence Social Networks
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