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Unit 2 - Systems of the Body Review Game

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Sean Kasak

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Unit 2 - Systems of the Body Review Game

Hinsdale Central Health Education Unit 2 - Systems of
the Body Review SKELETAL SYSTEM REVIEW Name 3 functions of
the skeletal system The skeletal system has many different functions, including:
Gives the body support and shape
Protects organs
Allows us to move along with the help of our muscles
Stores minerals
Produces red blood cells and certain kinds of white blood cells Answer: The Digestive & Excretory
Systems Name the four different
types of bones Ligaments connect
_______ to _______,

and tendons connect
_______ to _______. Where are red blood cells produced? Name 3 different problems
associated with the skeletal
system that we talked about in class Answer: Bone Marrow Answer: Long Bones
Short Bones
Flat Bones
Irregular Bones Ligaments connect BONE to BONES
Tendons connect MUSCLES to BONES ANSWER 1. Fractures
2. Osteoporosis
3. Arthritis
4. Sprains The Muscular System Approximately how many muscles
cover the human body? About 650 What are the 3 different types of muscles? Answer: 1. Skeletal Muscle
2. Smooth Muscle
3. Cardiac Muscle Name two locations you
can find smooth muscles 1. Digestive system (esophagus, stomach, intestines)
2. Cardiovascular system (blood vessels)
3. Excretory System (Kidneys, liver, pancreas, bladder)
4. Respiratory System (Lungs, diapragm) Answer What does it mean when we
say that muscles work
together in pairs? When one muscle is flexing, the other
muscle that works together will relax.
(One muscle bends the joint, the other
straightens the joint) ANSWER: After food is swallowed, what is the
path it will travel through the
body on its way to be excreted? 1. Mouth
2. Esophagus
3. Stomach
4. Small Intestine
5. Large Intestine
6. Rectum

Most of the digestion and absorption
of food takes place in this organ Small
Intestine What two substances does the
large intestine absorb from food? Water and Salt What are the three
accessory organs of
the digestive system? 1. Liver
2. Gallbladder
3. Pancreas Which organ gets rid of the
most toxins and wastes
in the excretory system? Kidneys The Circulatory System Name at least 3 items that
can be carried throughout
the body in red blood cells 1. Oxygen
2. Wastes
3. Nutrients
4. Hormones
5. Heat What are the 2 different
chambers in the heart? Atrium and Ventricles Put the path of blood starting with RIGHT ATRIUM in the correct order Right Atrium Right Ventricle
Left Atrium Left Ventricle
Body Lungs ANSWER: 1. Right Atrium
2. Right Ventricle
3. Lungs
4. Left Atrium
5. Left Ventricle
6. Body List the 3 different types of blood
vessels in order from biggest
to smallest ANSWER 1. Arteries
2. Veins
3. Capillaries List 3 different complications
that can impact the circulatory
system 1. Heart attack
2. Stroke
3. Ateriosclerosis
4. Blood clot
5. Bruising
6. Pulmonary embolism ANSWER The Respiratory System The respiratory system organ that
is commonly referred to as
the "windpipe" is the... Trachea The respiratory system organ that
creates space in the ribcage in
order for the lungs to inflate is... Diaphragm What is the name of the virus
that is responsible for causing
the common cold? Rhinovirus The tiny air sacs in our lungs that
are responsible for exchanging
oxygen and carbon dioxide are called.... Alveoli
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