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How Fast Is To Fast

Safe speed limits

Chika Onyia

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of How Fast Is To Fast

How Fast Is To Fast By: Chika Onyia U.S. State Speed Limits
The average speed limit in the U.S. is 70-75mph. A few more conservative states have limits of 65. In Hawaii the speed limit is 60 and in a small part of Texas it is 85. Effects of Raising and Lowering Speed Limits In a study by the NMA, neither raising or lowering speed limits had any affect on the number of accidents or civilians. Most simply continued with their former speed. How Speed limits are Set Speed limits are set using what is called the 85Th percentile. This is the speed that 85% of people would drive at no matter what the limit because they feel it is safe. Speed Limits in other Countries Australia90-110
Chile 120
Czech Republic 130
Croatia130 It's Poland! On Polish motorways you can drive at a speed of 140 km/h or 86mph. What is the Highest Speed Limit in the World? Not Germany.
Sorry Mr. Matt W What is the lowest speed limit in the world? Mumbai The Pune-Mumbai Expressway has a speed limit of 80 km/h or 49.7mph.
The weird thing is that the highway has one of the highest death rates in the world. School Buses and Seat belts The state of Texas requires seat belts on buses whenever funding is available. Also elementary students have priority for equipped buses, History of the Speed Limit Road speed limits are used in most countries to determine the speed of vehicles. Speed limits are usually set by legislative bodies and enforced by local police.
The first maximum speed limit was the 10 mph limit introduced by the UK in 1861.
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