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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

No description

Tereza Athanas

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen Plot Characters Symbols "someone Like You" is about two sixteen-year olds, Scarlett and Halley. They have been best friends since they were eleven when Scarlett and her mom moved next door to Halley. Although they both have very different personalities, they become friends instantly. Scarlett and a boy named Michael Sherwood had fallen in love over the summer. The day after she sleeps with him for the first time, he is killed in a motorcycle accident. Halley, who has been going through a rough time with her mom, has to be strong for Scarlett and support her. In the mean time, Halley falls for Michael's best friend Macon. "Friends need to be there for eachother
through good and bad times." motorcycle
Setting Someone Like You Quotes "Michael Alex Sherwood died at 8:55 P.M on August thirteenth." pg. 5 Point of View This book is being told in Halley's first
person point of view. Scarlett- she is confident, outgoing, and popular. She finds out that she is pregnant with her boyfriend, Michael's, baby after Michael died in a motorcycle accident. She needs her friend, Halley's, support more than ever. Halley- She is very shy, quiet, nervous and has problems with her mother. While she commits to a relationship with her boyfriend, Macon, she struggles to support Scarlett who is pregnant. Macon- He was Michael's bestfriend and has a high self-esteem and plays with every girls feelings. He goes out with Halley and all he wants to do is sleep with her. The story takes place in a neighborhood called Lakeview. Theme "'Halley,' she said, shaking her head. 'Don't be a fool. Don't give up something important to hold on to someone who can't even say they love you.'" pg. 221 "'Scarlett,' she gasped, still breathing hard. She held up a finger, holding me there, while she gulped for air. 'scarlett's having the baby.'" pg. 264 SPOILER ALERT In the end of the book, Scarlett ends up having her baby and its a girl. She names her Grace Halley, and as Halley looks into her eyes, she realizes that she wants to be apart of Grace's life and teach her how to become who she is.
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