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Patient Experience:

No description

Catherine Harmer

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Patient Experience:

The Journey to Superior Patient Experience
Goals created by our staff!
Patient Experience Education

"I am the Patient Experience: Staff Course"
= 96% compliance

"Patient Experience: The Manager's Role"
= 96% compliance

Course provided in new employee orientation.
Embedding Tools
Monthly Leadership Assembly Education and Message Maps for Staff
Creating Holistic Environments
Increasing certified staff: Pain, Palliative Care, Reike, and Holistic Nursing
Offering Aromatherapy and Touch Therapies Courses at MLH
Hosting the Main Line Area of PA Chapter of the American
Holistic Nurses
Patient Experience: The Journey To Excellence
Creating Healing Environments for
Patients and Staff
Patient Experience Education"
Medical Staff Version

Symmetry with staff course
Video-based with group exercises
AIDET - communication model
REACT - MLH service recovery model
Authentic presence and empathy
Navigating care and transitions in care
Unconscious bias
AIDET and Team Interactions
Patient Voices Matter
Family Partner Advisory Councils (FPAC's)
Riddle Hospital
Bryn Mawr Hospital
Lankenau Medical Center
Paoli Cancer Center
BMH: What is a Hospitalist?
Patients on the Council did not understand the role.
With patient input, the council created a brochure with staff pictures and ID cards explaining the role.
Welcome Feedback!

I attended the Aromatherapy program last Thursday. On Friday, I had a co-worker who was discussing a 48 year old cancer patient experiencing nausea and pain. I was able to offer aromatherapy which was really helpful. Her nausea and pain level came down to a 0/10. I am so grateful to integrate other therapies to help patients, staff and co-workers. I am encouraging others to attend sessions. Thanks again!
Creating Holistic Environments
Healthy Work Environment Council led the implementation of OASIS rooms at 5 hospitals
These locations provide a healing environment for staff
A serene and peaceful place for renewal, to de-stress and re-energize!
Inpatient/Critical Care CEW
Surgery CEW
Rehab CEW
Campus/entity based courses to follow
Rollout Plans
Paoli Hospital
Bryn Mawr Hospital
Stratus VRI Translation Serves
our Diverse Population
Translating Key Educational Materials
The Journey Continues
FY2016 Goal - Staff Responsiveness
FY2017 Patient Experience Goal - Communication about Medications
Development of the Patient Experience website
Development of an awards program for individuals/teams providing exemplary care
Technology to support patient experience (pt education and rounding)

What's the Impact?
2015 - 79.6% rating
Patient ratings on their hospital stay are increasing!
A 4.5% change over the past 3 years!
The C.A.R.E. Channel

A resource designed to promotes relaxation and improve restfulness
Helps to reduce anxiety
Mitigates the harmful effects of hospital noise
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