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Little mix

Little mix presentation for English Assessment

trisha balde

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Little mix

:P Jesy :P Jesy's full name is Jessica
Louise Nelson.
She was born on June the
14th 1991 so she is 21 years of age and the oldest
member of the group.
She is a giant fan of spice girl Halliwell stating "I
wanted to be her." Each individual! :P Jade :P Jade Is a 20-year-old member
of little mix.
She was born in England on the
26th of december 1992.
In 2008 Jade made her first
apperience to the x factor but was
not selected.
She has one brother named Karl. <3 Leigh-Anne <3 Leigh-Anne Pinnock was
born in England.
She is a 21 year old pop star born on october the 4th so being the second oldest member of the group.
Before joining the group in 2011 she used to work as a
pizza hut waitress.She has two sisters named Sarah and Sian-Louise. :D Perrie :D
By Trish Little mix are 4 individual British girls.
All four of them auditioned for the X factor
as solo artists but at boot camp became known
as Rhythmix as the judges liked them too much
to let them go.
Once at the live shows they had to change their name
to little mix as a company complained that they had
stolen the name.
They won the X Factor in 2011 and since then their
lives have changed a lot with their singlesWings and
D.N.A Perrie Edwards is a 20-year-old
member of little mix.
She was born on July the 10th 1992
in England.
She wowed the judges with her voice
and is said to be the lead singer in
the band. Fun fact! Perrie was named
after Steve Perry
from the 80's
band journey Fun
fact! Jesy has a very
unusual but amazing talent with beat boxing Fun fact Her favourite
artist is Justin
Bieber :( Fun fact! Jade cheated on
her boyfriend sam with
Derry from the risk.
A fellow contestant competing against her on the X Factor. Their Influences It is said that Beyonce and Michael Jackson were little mix's
influences to their first single out called Wings.
Here is a video of them explaining in more detail how they were influenced by these incredible stars. :0 Guilty pleasures and
heroes :0 Thanks for watching
guys xx :) http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a391046/little-mix-beyonce-michael-jackson-influenced-new-single-wings.html Little mix's most guilty pleasure is probably the spice girls.
They are planning on starring their first film taking ideas from spice girl's film in 1997, "spice world." For more information visit their website
http://www.little-mix.com/gb/home Boyfriends Perrie is currently going
out with fellow One
direction member Zayn Malik.
They say that their
relationships have had quite
serious downfalls but
they love each other too much
to give up on their relationship. Leigh-Anne split
with boyfriend of
five years Nathanual
Diamond in febuary
A few days after they
had come back from
their holiday together in
barbados. Little Mix Jade and
Jesy are
single. They also say that
they got the style/fashion
sense from Rihanna and
Rita ora.
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