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Mechanical Engineering

Multimedia project for Engl 106

Gary Sun

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineering

Hello! My project is on Mechanical Engineering (or rather, the steps needed to become a mechanical engineer and how I researched them) Why did I choose ME as a major? Well I always had the idea, that I would be an engineer.
I possess this fascination with mathematics and science.
As well as a natural inclination to build things. (I was totally a LEGO kid.)
Also, my mom is an engineer (currently works for Boeing) and
I thought her job was super-cool, so that helped spur my interest
in engineering. I choose mechanical engineering specifically because it is the most broad field of engineering, therefor with an ME degree I can apply myself to all sorts of fields. For Example:
Transportation and Logistics
Fuel Technology
+ Millions of other interesting fields of work.

Basically, stuff like this... So, how does one go about becoming an engineer? Get into an engineering program (easier said than done) Survive engineering program (preferably with mental health intact) Obtain diploma Get Job PROFIT ???? Alright so this is the plan of study/curriculum for Mechanical Engineers, starting with First-Year Engineering program:
Calculus 1
Caclulus 2
General Chemistry 1
Transforming Ideas to Innovation 1 & 2 (aka the worst class ever conceived and the quickest way to total academic apathy...)
English Composition
Physics 1
Chemistry 2 or Introductory C for Engineers.
Physics 2/Electricity and optics
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Mass Transfer
Multivariable Calculus
Basic Mechanics
Linear Circuit Analysis
System Modeling and Analysis
And then a whole bunch of General/Restricted/Technical Electives (economics, english philosophy, anthropology, etc)

This includes getting into Purdue and THEN getting into a professional engineering school. For M.E. you need a minimum GPA of 2.7 and you have to complete all the required classes for the First Year Engineering program. simple translation A LOT of science and math. So now we get to what this project is really about... how I researched our project. To put it frankly... This is how I did it :D And to be fair the only thing I used Wikipedia for was to help generate job ideas/fields for the list I gave (outside of what I could already think of) Not surprisingly, the Purdue engineering webpages helped me the most by laying out everything you need to know and do in order to become an M.E. and well... Google supplied me with all these pretty pictures in my presentation. Questions?
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