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Southern Colonies

No description

Alora Pratt

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Southern Colonies

Southern Colonies
.slaves where forced to work for no pay
.tend crops
.slaves where not treated with respect & where abused
.slaves where kidnaped & taken from there familys
.slaves where spiritoul & brought there traditions
.slaves wanted to be free & fight back
North Carolina
.Made peace with natives
.Wanted to make silk but failed
.Tobacco & rice
.Oglethorpe wanted debtors to come to pay of debt instead of being in prison
.With debtors working they didn't need slaves
.Not many debtors came so settlers smuggled in slaves
.Slavery became legal in 1750 & in 1775 they had 18,000 slaves

.Large plantations where they grew crops like Tobacco & cut down timber & got tar
.They had slow economy without a good harbor

South Carolina
.Large plantations where they grew rice
.Charles Town & good harbor for trade


.Tobacco crops
.Used the port for trading
.Calvert family given charter from king which became Maryland
.Toleration Act from 1649 said Catholics & protestants could not threaten one another
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