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Gina Donaldson

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The main thing is LEARNING! Outstanding Teaching "The quality of a school system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers"
McKinsey, 2007

What can teachers learn from one another?

"Inside out" training day

It's all about you! What are we teaching? According to Lambert, 2009, "Children should enter the learning process with their minds (schema) chock full of ideas, beliefs, assumptions, perceptions and experiences. We engage with others in learning experiences that are facilitated through reflection, inquiry and dialogue. In this way, we discover and make sense of new ideas; we reshape or incorporate new thinking through a meaning-making process." Engagement How do we know that all children are engaged all of the time?

Is our curriculum BRAVE? Buzzing
Evaluation Kagan's Cooperative Learning Structures PIES =
Positive Interdependence
Individual Accountability
Equal Participation Simultaneous Interaction "No pupils could hide, all pupils are targeted" Amanda Phillips AfL
"The teacher has to figure out where they are in their learning, where they are going and how they will get there." Wiliam, 2009 How can we make sure children fall into the pit?
How will the children demonstrate their new learning? Getting the simple things right Teacher/Pupil/Parent Relationships The Behaviour Checklist
Charlie Taylors Checklist Classroom environment What can we learn from each other? Peer Development Week Peer coaching 'Learning Lunches' Team teaching Phase planning meetings
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