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Tim Burton

No description

Michelle Fiorucci

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Tim Burton

Tim Burton Vincent Vincent Malloy is 7 years old.
He's always polite and does what he's told.
For a boy this age, he's considerate and nice..
But he wants to be just like Vincent Price. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy The protagonists of the stories are different, strange and lonely children. This literary work Tim Burton shows true to his particular universe, where prevailing melancholy, love, black humor and fantasy Thimothy Walter Burton He was born on August 25Th, 1958 in California. About him: His hero is Vincent Price. He's famous for his dark, gothic, macabre and quirky-themed movies. He's an American film director, film producer, writer and artist. In 1989 he married with German artist Lena Gieseke, which ended in divorce.
In 2001 he met to Helena Bonham Carter who currently is his couple and mother his children. además de escribir e ilustrar un poema, que daría lugar a la película The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have two children: a girl named Neill and a boy named Billy - Ray Burton, born in October 2003 and whose godfather is the friend of Burton Johnny Deep. Tim Burton admired Vincent Price, who he was called ''his hero'' One his favorite pastimes was to scare the children of their neighbors claiming the arrival of alien creatures that invade Earth. It was stop musical fantasy horror film produced by Tim Burton in 1993. This film originated in a poem written by him in 1982 while he was working as a Disney animator. He was very introverted, he was never happy with the people around him. HE WAS VERY CRUEL!!
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