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Kuka AG

No description

Nadzeya Valakhovich

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Kuka AG

KUKA AG Engineering&
Programming Disclaimer This presentation contains forward-looking statements based on assumptions and estimates made by the management of KUKA Aktiengesellschaft. Although management is of the opinion that these assumptions and estimates are accurate, future actual developments and future actual results could deviate significantly from these assumptions and estimates due to a variety of different factors. Some of these factors could, for example, include a change in the overall economic climate, exchange rates and interest rates, as well as changed conditions in the markets themselves.
KUKA Aktiengesellschaft makes no guarantees that future developments and actual future results will align with the assumptions and estimates in this presentation, nor does it accept any liability for same.
© Copyright 2012 – KUKA Aktiengesellschaft – All rights reserved. This all has started long ago… ...and today the KUKA Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of robots and automated production systems and solutions. Being the LEADER means... Outstanding results - Outstanding KUKA Strong innovative potential as a leader in technology and innovation... Well positioned with a broad product portfolio in markets with attractive growth prospects... Zooming into regional developments... Global presence - global benefits Taking into account global trends... STRONG ANG STEADY GROWTH IN ROBOTICS INDUSTRY Automation in industrialized countries Sustainability Automation in emerging markets Increasing wage levels Demographic changes Sufficient potential for YOUR INVESTMENT! Everyone can promise an attractive investment opportunity. We can OFFER it... Free float at
75,6%! To discuss our partnership... CONTACT INVESTOR RELATIONS Tuyara Maksimova Victoria Aldaranova Agunda Khodova Nadzeya Valakhovich 5 REASONS TO INVEST IN KUKA NO REASONS TO HESITATE! Broad product portfolio in markets with attractive growth prospects 3 4 1920 Success in large
container construction 1939 Over 1000 employees /
Total turnover of around 10 million marks 1898 KUKA foundation
Keller und Knappich Augsburg 1966 Market leader
for municipal vehicles in Europe 1969 KUKA takes over ARO Germany 1970 Merger of KUKA and IWK 1981 Successful global expansion Corporate Profile Strong customer retention and global footprint... Systems Advanced
robotics Industrial
robotics Balanced business structure Robotics Automotive
42% General Industry
39% Service
19% TOP 3
in the field of industrial robotics
in the automotive industry
and number one in Europe One of the two leading suppliers
of automation solutions
for the automotive industry
in Europe and North America Group sales revenue 2011
€ 1.4 billion Automotive Industry General Industry 1 Global leader in Robotics in Automotive Industry 2 3 Body-in-White production lines both in Europe and USA In Robotics in General Industry in Europe R C B Innovative products Automation solutions from KUKA move the future. KEY FOCUS - the automation of the automotive industry The automotive industry
Medical technology
Food production Focusing on our value drivers and competitive strengths... I +3.0%
car sales in 2012 +3.0%
projected economic
growth in 2012 126
Kuka employees +10.0%
car sales in 2012 +7.0%
projected economic growth in 2012 126
employees +8.0%
car sales in 2012 +8.2%
projected economic growth in 2012 258
employees +3.0%
car sales in 2012 +3.3%
projected economic growth in 2012 15
employees To grow faster and stronger in the sustainable business environment. Working competently with creativity and passion... Our recipe for success:
to assemble top experts worldwide to design smart solutions Extend network and access to research institutes International collaboration of customers and colleagues Outstanding team work and cooperation Having Balance - Being Sustainable In this risky and volatile financial world... ...you are looking for someone you can rely on... ...someone with experience... ...with a clear strategic plan in mind... ...and an ability to capitalize on it. WE HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU! KUKA’s strategy to grow profitably rests on three pillars Expanding innovation and technology leadership... Diversifying business activities into new markets and regions... Optimizing of the cost structure and improving our efficiency ... smart tools meet smart people In MDAX since September 2011 Decrease of peers' share prices from 21.7% to 43.1% in 2011 Decrease of Kuka's share price by 14.8% in 2011 Achieving all-time best results in 2011... Being the innovation leader for more than 30 years... Presenting new QUANTEC generation of robots... 1973 1985 1999 Electromagnetic Robot with six axes: „Famulus“ Single-arm Robot without parallelogram Real time PC-based Robot controller perfectly suited robot for every customer-specific application (spot welding, material handling, machine tending) Long-range Robot Heavy payload Robot Robot remote diagnostics via Internet Integration of Soft PLC Entertainment Robot Co-operative Robots Safe Robots Key Features Lightweight Robot Robot Titan (1,000 kg) Quantec KR C4 1998 1999 2000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2010 reduced weight by 12 % reduced power consumption by 30% fewer cables and plugs by 50 % lower standby losses by 95% Benefits greater dynamic performance shorter cycle times reduction of space requirements the ability to withstand the extremely harsh conditions hiring of new employees in R&D especially abroad R&D spending boosting again.. The Robotics employs 10 % of its workforce in R&D at its Augsburg headquarters R&D is a key to success ...and setting a solid base for sustainable growth! The Kuka Group plans to spend 40 to 50 million euro on R&D in 2012 Seeing the potential in the Asian markets... Low robot penetration in China, Brazil and India ...full and fast recovery after the crisis! Robot density (robots per 10,000 employees) The main driver in the Robotics Market is
AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY High profitability demonstrates... China is expected to be the global largest Robots market in 2013 Market Numbers:
Car Sales in 2012 Brazil +3%
China +8%
India +10% WE FOCUS ON
INDIA&CHINA CHINA INDIA Growth of the robot market of 30% KUKA’s new Chinese robotics division posted an order backlog of € 184.4 million in 2011 Establishment of 4 additional subsidiaries The strategic goal is to continue to grow local value added The Indian subsidiary is now increasingly executing complete projects independently Lond and reliable partnership with TATA MOTORS More than 600 KUKA industrial robots are being used in India Capacity is to be increased to 5,000 units before the end of 2012. Development services for other KUKA companies Provision of engineering services for other KUKA companies Development of the share price Balance sheet ...................................................... in € millions ...................................................................... Orders & Sales in € millions Purchasing
Assembly Purchasing
Assembly Purchasing
Assembly Design& Project
Management !!! ! Design& Project
Management Very satisfactory growth of profit margins... ...and of returns on capital employed! EUROPE Optimization of financial structure... USA ASIA ...secured sufficient liquidity! Optimizing cost structure... Implement restructuring measures Increase by 3,3 percent in 2011 Lower purchasing costs Good solvency High liquidity Optimize marketing costs Cut consulting fees High sales generating capacity ....................................................................................... in € millions Working capital guarantees Credit lines ensure financing... New Driver to increase profitability ...for business operations at all times! Business outlook for 2012 Increasing efficiency through internationalization... Reduction of the break-even point & further improvement in profit contribution Design& Project
Management Sales revenues > € 1.5 billion EBIT margin from 5.5% to 6.0% R&D costs from € 40 to 50 million Engineering & Programming Design& Project
Management ....................................................................... in € millions Orders & Sales Strong growth continues Good start for 2012 ...looks bright! General Industry Automotive Industry Rapidly growing automotive markets AGENDA Increasing level of automation Corporate profile Market environment Business strategy Financial position Summary High revenue potential Safeguard automotive leading position Clear long-term strategy to increase the value of the company 1 5 The global leading position in robots and automated systems production 2 Strong customer retention and global presence High innovative potential in the field of robotic applications and system solutions Positive free cash flow in 2011... ...despite high capital expenditures. 726 985 1078 Purchasing
Assembly Purchasing
Assembly Purchasing
Assembly Purchasing
Assembly German carmakers expand production capacities in the US from 1.0 million vehicles per year to 1.6 million units by 2015 Sales revenues
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