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No description

Kristine L

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of LEAD

You may find lead in PAINT,
Lead Poisoning
Lead poisoning interferes with some body processes and is toxic to many organs and tissues.
A symptom of chronic lead poisoning are Burtonian lines (or lead lines)
The colored areas show the VOLUME LOSS.
Acute lead poisoning can cause SEIZURES or COMAS and put the person at a high risk of DEATH.
Here are some MRIs of the brains of adult who were exposed to lead as a kid.
If lead ends up on your bones it will affect the absorption of calcium that your bones need to grow strong and healthy.
What is lead?
Lead is a bluish-grey metal that is very harmful !
Lead can be found EVERYWHERE!
Lead can also contaminate your food. You won't even know because you can't see it, feel it or taste it.
Lead Exposure
Your body can be exposed to lead by inhaling it, swallowing it and absorbing it through the skin.
MINI BLINDS and more!!!
Lead can also damage the BRAIN and PERIPHERAL NERVES.
When lead damages your peripheral nerves it can cause muscle weakness and problems with the sense of touch.
When the brain is damaged the structure of blood vessels in the brain may be altered which can lead to BLEEDING and BRAIN SWELLING!
Thanks for watching!
Lead can take shape in many forms but lead NEVER breaks down and go away.
Lead is so deadly and can effect so much of your body that you probably don't even know of!
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