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Magic Crystal Tree Experiment

No description

Airielle Manaois

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Magic Crystal Tree Experiment

Step 1
Trace two tree shapes onto the cardboard.
What Happens When.....
Step 4
Cut a slot down the middle of one tree shape. Start at the top and stop in the middle of the shape. On the other tree shape, cut another slot down the middle. On this shape, start at the bottom and cut to the middle.
Add drops of food coloring to the edges of the cardboard and let it soak in.
Step 3
Magic Crystal Tree Experiment
Step 2
Step 6
How Does It Work?
A piece of cardboard is put into a mixture of household ammonia, table salt and water.
I think that the mixture will soak into the cardboard and create "crystals."
- Table salt (1 tablespoon)
- Household ammonia (1/2 tablespoons)
- Water (1 tablespoon)
- Thin cardboard (non corrugated)
- Scissors
- Pen/pencil
- Bowl
- Measuring spoon
- Food coloring

Slide the two slots together, creating a three dimensional tree shape that can stand by itself.
Step 5
Using the bowl mix the ammonia, salt and water together.
Place the tree in the center of the solution. In the next 10-12 hours the tree will "grow."
Main principals: capillary action, evaporation, crystallization, and saturation.

After the solution has been drawn throughout the tree by capillary action, the solution begins to evaporate. The evaporation process is accelerated by the ammonia, which evaporates more quickly than water. As the solution evaporates off of the tree, the crystals are left behind on the branches of the tree.
What If...
- I used Mrs. Stewarts Bluing like the original instructions said?
- I doubled the amount of ammonia?
- I used a thicker cardboard?
Finished Product/Video
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