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My New Product

No description

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of My New Product

Thank you for watching my presentation
My New Product For Cadbury's
70% of my Customers are willing to pay £1.20 for my choclate bar. I know this because most people ticked the price between £1.10- £1.30.
I will use the method of
and the method of
penetrate pricing.

Would get them for the price of- £0.95
Sell it for £1.20
Profit- £0.25

Results from my questionnaires
My idea/ Product
Two flavoiurs of chocolate in one bar. For example ‘one side of the chocolate is caramel and the other is Hazelnut’. There will be a wide range of flavors to choose from when i obtain more customers.
I would Promote my product by;
1. A T.V Advert - £7.000 +
2. Newspaper- half a page would be £150 and full page £300.
3. Sponsorships- According to specific brand
4. Bill boards- start of from £1000- £10,000
Watch this video
I did some primary research which was a questionnaire and obtained good results for my product,
There was a small percentage of respondents that disagreed with the statement on if the product should be sold.
of people disagreed with the product
of people agreed with the product.

Why is my product better than any of cadbury's products?
Saves money
Has never been done before
You have two flavors instead of one.
Customers could be allergic to certain ingredients.
Some people may not eat chocolate at all.
Any Questions???
Images of Respondents filling out my Questionnaire
Marketing Objectives
Encounter and understand customers needs.
Keep ahead of the competition to do so I will need to use the functional area of research and development to research.
So launching new products, such as; 'Two flavours in one chocolate bar'.
To make sure that my product is advertised effectively
Mini Big bar
To advertise my product I would need to recruit actors and get materials needed if I do an advert which is more effective.
Cadbury's latest product
Cadbury's latest product is the following
As you can see cadbury's have made a new product to make more customers buy the product and also too stay in competition, the product is the same type but has a differant flavour to it.
Address: Walsall Rd, Birmingham,
West Midlands B42 1AB
Phone:0121 344 4550
Address: 278-299 Aston Lane, Birmingham,
West Midlands B6 6QR
Phone:0845 026 9980
This product cost's £1.20
Sell for: £2.00
Profit: £0.80

30 Hagley Road, Birmingham B 168 +44 121 456 1492
Hazelnut & Caramel
To do this I would sell my product in a appropriate location so for example; Tesco or Asda, local shops.
Marketing objective 1
Marketing objective 2
Marketing objective 3
96% agreed
4% disagreed
All ages from 11+
Main targeted audience-Female and male aged 17+ with low income
All ethnicities
I would make sure my product is to a good standard
Research method of Focus Group
Making chocolate taste better
I used the method of Focus group to obtain fair results.
came out with good results as the participants were interested in the products and 80% of my participants said they would buy the product.
Why has Cadburys created this advert?
About Cadbury's?
Cadbury operates in more than 60 countries and employs more than 46,000 people.
Full-year revenue in 2008 came to £5.38 billion with underlying operating profit of £638 million pounds.
Cadburys is known for:
Creating 11 Brands of chocolate with more than $1 billion in revenue- this is because the business is successful and people know the company.
70+ Brand with the revenue of $100 million.
40+ Brands that are over 100 years old.
Annual revenues are over $50 billion.
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