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Movies - An Informational Resource

Welcome to the wonderful world of film.

Karen Austin

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Movies - An Informational Resource

IMDB.com, which runs Box Office Mojo, has been operating for over 20 years and is contributed to by industry professionals. Both are owned by Amazon.com. These are reliable sources because they are contributed to by professionals from the film industry and updated regularly.

The Script Lab is an online resource offering movie reviews, news and opinion from the film industry and screenwriting resources. It was created by film industry professionals and aims to assist aspiring screenwriters to produce good work.

The Numbers website is owned by Nash Information Services, and was launched in October 1997. It is a free resource for industry professionals, the investment community, and movie fans to track business information on movies. It has grown from 300 tracked movies, to the largest freely available database of movie industry information on the web. Nearly 13,000 movies and about 750,000 separate pieces of information are now stored in the database.
A Superhero Movie will generally focus on a protagonist, usually the Hero, who has special abilities. These abilities have either been with him/her since birth or are acquired through the course of the film.
The Dark Knight (2005) follows the transformation of a regular boy into a super-capable man (IMBD 2013).
Man of Steel (2013) focuses on a human-identical alien who grows up on earth and has superhuman abilities (IMDB 2013).
Common storylines within the crime/mystery genre typically revolve around the protagonist being involved in something illegal, and their methods of evading police attention. Crime films usually have unpredictable endings, in some cases the perpetrator of the crime gets away and in others s/he gets caught or dies.
Comedy films often tell a lighthearted story which aims to entertain and comfort the audience. The main criteria is relatability, meaning that the audience recognises similarities in characters. As audiences make their decisions based on taste not all comedies will appeal to all people.
Some common storylines in documentaries are the representation of a suppressed or threatened minority group, an individual standing up for the wellbeing of the minority through protest and advocacy for change of public policy. For example animal conservation and gun laws in the USA.
Storylines usually include an evil force, event or person while many films base their story on ghosts, vampires, zombies or mythical creatures. Studies show that horror movies adapt to the interest of their audience throughout generations and the threat present in each generation change with time (Horror Film History, 2013).
Several of the recent additions to the genre have received public acclamation and prestigious awards.
The Dark Knight (2008) received two Academy Awards, one for sound editing and a posthumous best supporting actor for Heath Ledger (IMDB 2013).
The Iron Man trilogy (2008-2013) has collected three Academy Award nominations (IMDB 2013).
Ted (2012) was awarded the Peoples Choice Award (USA) for Favourite Comedic Award in 2013. The Dictator (2012) has received the ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for Top Box Office Film, and The Campaign (2012) received the BMI Film and Television Award for Film Music in 2013. (IMDB 2012)
Sharkwater has received 4 Best Documentary awards and People's Choice awards across numerous national and international film festivals.

Grizzly Man has been honoured with 6 Best Documentary awards over various film festivals and also received the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at the highly recognised Sundance Film Festival.

Micheal Moore's Bowling For Columbine is one of the most decorated documentaries of recent times, receiving 16 Best Documentary awards across various festivals, including the prestigious Academy Awards, and the 55th Anniversary Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
First this:
This genre deals with the nature of of power through representations of good and evil in the context of hunters versus activists, predator versus pray or nature versus industrialisation. The nature of obsession is also explored through the lens of consumerism and greed.
Swinburne Online Student Collaboration
An Informational Rescource
A Study of Modern Cinema
Karen Austin
Georgia Budd
Brooke Carpenter
Mikaela Noonan
Joshua O'Leary
Underlying Themes
Morality, mortality and motivation are some themes that are presented by many Superhero Films. These films speak to our inner most desires and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves (Campbell 2013).
The predominant themes seen in the background of the majority of Mystery films are good vs evil, morality and revenge. These themes express that the reasons for the breaking of the law and the necessity for mystery are external, and if it weren't for outside influences, the crime or need for mystery wouldn't have evolved.
Comedy films use humour as their main emphasis. It provides entertainment and amusement for the audience. Characters can be larger than life. We can often relate to the characters as either someone we know or know of. Comedy will take us to a place where we have few worries. (The Script Lab, 2013)
For generations horror films have opened a mysterious window into dark tales of death and the forbidden side of life (The Script Lab, 2013).
The commercial success of documentaries varies widely due to the very specific nature of the subject matter. "Sharkwater" (2007) grossed $1.7 million.
"Grizzly man" (2005) achieved $3 million. "Bowling for Columbine" took $58 million.
(Box Office Mojo, 2013)
Films following the conventions of the Crime genre also appeal to a wide enough audience to make a profit. "Law Abiding Citizen" (2009) grossed $73.3 million. "The Town" (2010) achieved $92.1 million. "Now You See Me" (2013) took $116.4 million.
Comedy Films regularly gross over $50 million and reached the second highest market share in 2012 (Nash Information services 2013).
Ted $218.6 million ranked No 1
The Dictator $59.6 million ranked 8
The Campaign $86.8 million ranked 5
Horror has been popular for many years and does well in terms of commercial success. The Sixth Sense is the highest-grossing horror movie of all time and in America over 2 million copies of The Ring were sold on the day of its release. Then when Paranormal Activity was released in theatres across America the franchise grossed $9.1 million within the first week (Austin, 2012).
A careful analysis
In recent times Superhero Movies
have been very popular, with a quarter of the 16 top grossing films of all time being of the genre (All Time Box Office - Worldwide Grosses 2013).
The top four highest grossing Superhero Movies collectively total over $4.8 billion (All Time Box Office - Worldwide Grosses 2013).

we will explore the notion that varying themes are used to portray meaning within movies. Genres are defined by different underlying themes and are therefore received differently by the public. Within a genre common messages, themes and storylines tend to be present, however the commercial success and critical reception of the films differ quite significantly.
Throughout this presentation,
Horror movies receive favourable reviews and appreciation is particularly given to films that have a well thought out story line, acting and effects (Rotten Tomatoes, n.d).
The Sixth Sense has been nominated 37 times 6 of those nominations being for an Oscar and it has won a total of 32 awards. The Ring has won 11 awards and has been nominated for a further 6 and Paranormal Activity has been nominated 7 times and won 3 awards (IMBD, n.d).
Commercial Success
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of the elements of cinema gives an insight into how films appeal to audiences in different ways and to widely varying degrees. Monetary success and industry recognition are merely convenient ways to measure a film’s worth – the true worth of a film, like any piece of art, is in it’s resonance.
Crime/Mystery movies receive quite varied critical responses, due to their necessity to "trick" the audience. When this isn't done in a successful way, it seems that critics tend to give them lower reviews. The Town (2010) has won the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Ensemble, the AFI Movie of the Year award, and the National Society of Film Critics Best Supporting Actor (Jeremy Renner).
Common Storylines
Credibility of Sources
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References (cont.)
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