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Prezi in the Classroom

To be used during a High Schools That Work best practices professional development day, this presentation introduces Prezi and also walks the teachers/audience through the introductory steps of creating a Prezi.

Charles Mirus

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of Prezi in the Classroom

Prezi in the Classroom What is
a Prezi? A free online
presentation software Utilizes
organization And the ability
to zoom A blend between
whiteboards & slideshows What can
I do with Prezi? Insert PDFs Insert Images Insert Organizers Soprano Mezzo-
soprano Tenor Bass American Revolution Many African Americans:
Saw fighting for the British as way to GAIN freedom Colonial Rebels: Outraged by taxation without representation; wanted independence Some would-be-Loyalists criticized Parliament, but viewed The Declaration of Independence as going too far Different
Perspectives Insert from YouTube A new way to
present to & engage
learners Create a Prezi Step 1: Prezi.com Click "Log in" Step 2: Log in Use e-mail &
password given to you Step 3: User Homepage Click "New Prezi" Step 4: New Prezi Info Give Prezi a Name
(Can Add Description Later) Step 5: Start Prezi Click on Words Step 5.5: Options After Click Will Look Like This The Zebra Tool Outside Rotates
Inside Resizes
Pencil Edits
Hand Drags Step 6: Type Text Similar to Microsoft Word Options Choices Insert Choices Shapes Choices Colors & Fonts Choices Tutorial Pop-Up Click "X" at Top Theme Wizard Step 1 Set Background Color Theme Wizard Step 2 Set Fonts & Colors Theme Wizard Step 3 Set Frame Colors Template Choices Choose "Blank" Small Sample Layout Here is a chance
to practice
Add more text
Insert shapes
Find & insert pictures
or YouTube clips Click on "Path" Path Options Keep "1-2-Add" Start Path Click on Each Item in Order Finish Path Select All Items
& Click Arrow
Above "Path" Final Step: View Show 1. Right Corner:
Click "Show"
2. Click Big Right Arrow Additional Option: Frames Explained in Handout FYI:
Practice accounts
will be disabled in
2-3 days, so go online
and create your own
personal account. Go to Prezi.com Click "Sign up"
& Follow Directions OR Thank you
for your time
& attention!
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