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Language Strategy Department

General Staff Meeting

nora szakacsy

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Language Strategy Department

Global Language Strategy - Overview September 19, 2011 by Global Language Strategy Department Significance

Who we are & What we do

How we work

What we did this year

FY12 Global Projects

Internal and Client Specific Projects

Strategic Languages

Language usage

How can you help us

What is available

How to contact us


Global Language Strategy Manager
Project Management (from translation until implementation)
Global Projects
Internal Projects
Client Specific Projects
Main contact for translation vendors, translation community,
reviewers, proof readers, ITG, …
Management and Recruitment
Translation community
Translation partners
Internal client support
Version control/Quality Check
Process management and updates
Maintain & update SharePoint site
Budget forecasting and tracking Review,
IT implementation, Proofing,
Other format
… Contact lsr@ccl.org Language Strategy Project Managers

Reduce costs
Improve quality
Ensure sufficient resources in all languages (Tier 1 & 2 as well as others)
Reduce timeline
Gain in efficiency
Better vendor management
Gain in « professionalism » Gl bal Projects Ready In progress To do
Press Releases (Marcom)

CCL PS Statuses (Finance)

Car Policy (Finance)

Constitution CCL EMEA (Finance)

34 Spanish Bios (EMEA Markets)

Translations of 360° BD scales in several languages (APAC)
Overlays for Instruments: CLI, Executive Dimensions (BASF)

Translations of 360° Instruments in several languages (Syngenta)

Coaching models (CCL PS)

Review Leadership Essentials – Spanish (El Salvador) Strategic Languages Expected Cost Savings Average of more than 60% Expected Benefits OE LDP (OW Simulation) - Spanish White Papers - French, Spanish MLP Modules - Russian LO360 - Russian MBTI Cards - Russian OW Simulation - French, German, Russian WorkPlace Big 5 - Spanish, German Leadership Essentials - Spanish, French IAS Enhancements - Tier 1 & 2 360 BD - Tier 1 & 2 Executive Dimensions - Tier 1 & 2 Leadership Metaphor Explorer - French Ongoing Internal Reviewers Why? Who? How? When? What? Unique expertise

Ensure consistency in translation

Save time and costs Current need: T1 and T2 languages + specific requests Initial training
Translation Community activities Depending on projects Review of translations,TMs
& Glossaries What's available? Roadblocks Contact us Questions General process lsr@ccl.org Gloria Bernabeu Molina Request Answer Translation Other Requirements Close Modules (OE ) - French, Spanish, German How you can help us "Hunting" for existing translations Mistakes in
translations What we did this year New LS model Processes Structure "Transcreating": translating and recreating content promotes diversity increasing profits Tools Admin DB Guidelines Templates Trados InDesign Financial
Structure Time Tracking Tier 1 Tier 2 Other languages...
Ludwig Wittgenstein Version Format Delays Availability Rush Unusual
Global communication
Budget tracking
Resources matrix & admin tracking
Processes management and updates
Change management
Global pricing structure
Customer service
Management and Recruitment
Translation community
Translation partners
Back-up Project Management Translations Anne Duque Nora Szakacsy SharePoint site X:\ TRANSLATIONS disseminates our vocation Adele Hargreaves Héctor Payo Sophia Zhao Language Use The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Translation Request Form:
timeline, costs, amount of work, delays… & dedicated PM Translator + QC Client Specific Projects Internal Projects & Brussels The only global department outside of Greensboro! Singapore San Diego Colorado Greensboro Addis Ababa Moscow Pune language, timeline, budget, budget code, other requirements Quote: Social Identity Guidebook - French, Spanish, German MBTI Reports - Spanish Values Explorer - French Anyone who would like to be involved Q&A SharePoint User Guides Source: IAS's DSI usage 2010
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