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Drugs and Alcohol

Year 11 Course Overview

Megan Meulenbroeks

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol
What do we know about...
Different kinds of Alcohol:
On the yellow sheet write down everything you already know about the different kinds of alcohol available.
You could include information on -
Different types
Different brands
Different strengths
Different stockists
Why do we do things that are bad for us?
Why wouldn't you want to do the following activities?
Peers - Without the Pressure!
We have all heard about peer pressure.
We know that the hardest people to say no to when put in a difficult situation are the ones you are closest to.
One of our greatest needs as human is acceptance, and once we have that acceptance it is difficult for us to put that at risk by not following the 'Status Quo'...
Alcohol and Parties
Check out the ALAC (Alcohol Liquor Advisory Council) website for information (and illustrations!) of how many standard drinks are in your drink and how alcohol effects your body:
Marijuana, Solvents and Designer Drugs
Weed, Bud, Pot, Mary Jane...

As with everything in life the choice is up to you.
Have the confidence to say no if you want to and resilience to deal with peoples responses to that positively.
If you do decide to partake, have the good sense to take care of yourself and practice self-control. Take on the responsibility of looking out for your friends, they should do the same for you.
The effects of Alcohol:
On the green sheet write down everything you already know about the effects that alcohol can have.
You could include information on -
The effect on your body
The effect on your brain
The effect on your emotions
The effect on your behavior
The effect on your relationships
Different kinds of Drugs:
On the pink sheet write down everything you already know about the different kinds of drugs available.
You could include information on -
Different types
Different names for them
Different methods of taking them
The effects of Drugs:
On the blue sheet write down everything you already know about the effects that drugs can have.
You could include information on -
The effect on your body
The effect on your brain
The effect on your emotions
The effect on your behavior
The effect on your relationships
Ground Rules for the Drugs and Alcohol Unit
We need to establish some ground rules for this topic so appropriate and respectful relationships are maintained between ourselves and our peers (and our teacher!). We must endeavor to approach this topic with maturity and respect for each others values and boundaries.

Jump off a tall building
Drink poison
Poke yourself in the eye
Sleep on a cactus
Eat five bags of lollies a day
Eat gravel
Drink 10 cups of coffee a day
Eat a pie a day
Use marijuana
Bad Habits!
Quick Five on Bad Habits:
Bad habits can vary in their severity and impact
for example....
We often get involved in bad habits because we don't believe the risks are real and don't think about the long term effects.
We may get involved in them due to curiosity, boredom, low self esteem, trying to feel better when things are tough or due to pressure from friends
No addict ever started out thinking they were going to become an addict!
It is always possible to break a bad habit if your desire to do so is strong but sometimes it can be a hard road.
Copy a 'banned' sign like this one into your books and write down all of the bad habits you can think of inside - big or small! There may even be some of your own!
Did you get these ones??
In pairs create a table on the paper provided with the things from the list below in one column and the possible reasons you wouldn't want to do them in the other
Today we are going to focus on the positive flip-side of this and look at the questions of...
The bottom line is if your friends don't allow you to be yourself or accept the fact that you have the ability to make up your own mind - they might not be worthy of being your friend.
You are worthy of dignity and respect and you shouldn't have to change yourself or be a sheep to get it!
What does it mean to have healthy friendships?
What does it mean to be a good friend?
With the people seated around you write the word 'FRIEND' down the left hand side of the A4 paper provided.
Using each letter write sentences or phrases to describe the qualities it takes to be a good friend.
When finished write the heading 'The qualities of the good friend' into your RE book.
Leave your acrostic clearly visible on the table and, taking your book and a pen with you, walk around the class checking out the acrostics of your peers.
Take note of the common qualities that you notice different groups have included and any which you particularly liked.
F - e.g. faithful
R - .....
I - ...
E -
N -
D -
Students sitting on the left hand side of the classroom must form groups of at least four and create a list of
'10 Tips for Keeping Friends'
Students sitting on the right hand side of the classroom must form groups of at least four and create a list of
'10 Tips for Losing Friends'
Self Esteem - What do YOU like about YOU?
Grab a Hardwired text book and we will read pages 19-20 together
Many of you will recognise this woman
Some of you may recognise this guy
Do you agree with the list on Page 19?
Could you add anything to this list or take anything away depending on what people currently think is 'cool/uncool'?
Do the things that are 'cool/uncool' change over time? Why would they?
What influences your opinion on what makes things 'cool/uncool'?
Why do people make fun of others who are different to them?
Do you think they were aware of their gifts?
Did they seem to have high self-esteem?
What might have happened to these two if they had relied upon the judgement of others to achieve their dreams?
Divide a blank page of your book into four quarters and head them up like so
What are my gifts?

How do/could I use them?

If I could choose to have anyone else's life in the world it would be...

What are the things in their life that I want and how can I attain them?

My Hero!!!
When we use our own gifts and skills to bless other people's lives it can make us feel good about ourselves. Our self esteem grows every time we make good decisions and see the positive results of them so when we live with integrity (being honest and having strong moral principles), we are contributing to our own well-being (hauora).
Who are your heroes?
Do you think you have ever been someone else's hero?
What makes someone a hero?
Close relationships with family and friends
A positive view of yourself and confidence in your strengths and abilities
The ability to manage strong feelings and impulses
Good problem-solving and communication skills
Feeling in control
Seeking help and resources
Seeing yourself as resilient (rather than as a victim)
Coping with stress in healthy ways and avoiding harmful coping strategies, such as substance abuse
Helping others
Finding positive meaning in your life despite difficult or traumatic events
Wanting to Feel Better - Building Resilience
Having 'resilience' is like having the ability to bounce back and recover when you go through a hard time or your faced with a difficult situation
Resilience isn't something were born with but it's something we can develop.
When faced with a situation that we don't feel good about, we may choose to handle it in a positive or a negative way.
BUT - when we have developed good coping strategies and resilience skills we have the ability to take positive action in response to life's challenges.
When were going through a tough time it can feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and if we are not equipped to deal with these situations we could end up engaging in activities which ultimately make things even worse.

To build resilience we need...
What are some examples of pain that people can suffer?
Now for each example give me a 'helpful' action which could be taken to alleviate the pain and a 'harmful' action which could be taken
Good coping strategies should be those which deal with a painful or difficult situation head on and they involve dealing with the reality of the problem
Bad coping strategies involve ignoring reality and leaving the problem to deal with later, when it could be even worse down the track. 'Quick fixes' fall into this category along with drug and alcohol use to 'drown sorrows' or escape from the real world.
These are artificial solutions that don't fix problems just delay them and often make them worse or even harder to deal with
The Problem-Solving Ladder
Look familiar?
Define the problem
Brainstorm solutions
Determine Pros and Cons
Chose best solution
Step by Step Action Plan
How it works...
Your girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you for your best friend
I feel rejected and hurt by the people I felt closest to
A) Never speak to either of them again
B) Spray graffiti over his new car
C) Tell the whole school about what a horrible person my friend is
D) Talk confidentially to someone older who I trust about how hurt I feel
E) Stay at home, get drunk and forget about my problems
F) Get a hair cut and go shopping
G) Plan a girl's night with movies and ice cream
A) Pro: they'll know how you feel
Con: you will remain bitter and angry and this will make you feel worse in the long run
B) Pro: it will make you feel good
Con: you'll have to pay for the damage caused
C) Pro: will justify how badly you have been treated - might even make you feel better because you seem morally superior
Con: not a very nice thing to do, two wrongs don't make a right
D) Pro: Will help you to release the emotions and pain your feeling and bring sense and perspective to the situation.
Con: None
E) Pro: might temporarily work to make you feel better
Con: you'll end up with a hangover to add to your list of complaints and your problem still remains
F) Pro: Great booster to your self esteem
Con: costs money
G) Pro: will feel supported by your friends, laugh and be distracted from your problems
Con: Best friend might want to come
Combination of three good options will work here:
- Talk to a trusted adult (e.g an aunty) who is understanding and always has great words of wisdom
- Use birthday money, money from part time work or pocket money to go shopping, get your hair done and feel good
- Get the girls over to watch a fun movie with treats
- Text/FB friends and set up a shopping date
- Book your hair appointment
- Ring Aunty in the weekend to catch up
- Let your friends know what time to come round for the movie and what to bring
Choose a situation and have a go yourself, make sure you show your work at each step of the ladder
Turn to a blank page in your book. fold the page in half.
On the left hand side draw an outline of the human body.
Like so...
Inside of your figure draw in where you think the following organs are found:
Pituitary gland
Copy and complete these questions down the right hand side of your page:
1) What does the brain look like?
2) Why is it so amazing?
3) What bodily functions does your brain control?
4) What other functions does your brain perform?
5) How does drug use effect your brain?
How Drugs Effect the Brain:
Drugs can damage physical parts of your brain.
They can lead to mental illness, or worsen a mental illness already present.
Drug use affects the way your brain works by changing the chemical balances in your brain.
Aside from making you behave differently to how you otherwise would, this can also lead to addiction as we develop new patterns of thinking (habits).
When these habits form we can be lead to a psychological dependence on drugs (in the same way that every time a smoker feels stressed they may feel the need to smoke a cigarette).
The maximum recommended number of standard drinks per day differs between men and women. According to ALAC, men should have no more than 3 standard drinks per day and woman should have no more than 2.
Many films work around the idea of the main character having to overcome some kind of obstacle to achieve what they desire. Make a list of all of the films you can think of where the main character must overcome a struggle or an obstacle
True or False
Everyone stand up at your desk. we will go through 8 statements one at a time. If you think the statement is true, stay standing. If you think it is false, sit down.
1) Alcohol is a drug
True: Alcohol is a powerful drug produced by the fermentation of sugars and is the active ingredient of intoxicating drinks. it is our most used and most abused recreational drug.
2) The effects of one bottle of beer on a person wear off after half an hour
False: Alcohol is eliminated from the body at the rate of about one standard drink per hour for men and even slower for women
3) Men can 'hold their drinks' better than women
True: While everyone absorbs alcohol into the blood stream at a different rate, an average size man could be over the limit by drinking as little as two bottles of ordinary beer. An average sized woman could be over by drinking the equivalent of one and a half bottles
4) A smaller person is more affected by alcohol than a larger person
True: The smaller person has less water in their body and will therefore have a higher blood alcohol level. Alcohol is distributed through the body by our blood and mixes evenly with the water in the body which makes up nearly two thirds of our body weight.
5) Food in the stomach slows down the rate at which alcohol has its effects
True: Alcohol rapidly enters the bloodstream via the stomach and intestine walls and circulates throughout your body, including your brain
6) Alcohol is a stimulant
False: Alcohol is a depressant so it slows down the processes occurring in the brain, such as the social restraint center, making you less alert and lowering your inhibitions
7) Even though alcohol is a drug, you can't overdose on it
False: When you drink too much, you are overdosing on alcohol. Alcohol slows down the central nervous system, decreasing your heart and breathing rates and lowering blood pressure. A dangerously high blood alcohol lever could cause your heartbeat and breathing to stop all together, meaning you can die from drinking too much.
8) Alcohol has been used by most societies over the centuries
True: For 10,000 years, ever since human being began the cultivation of cereals and vines, alcohol has played a fundamental role in society
For the Love of Alcohol...
Why is binge drinking a bad idea?
You never want to be this guy...
Or the one who has to put up with that guy...
So how can we drink safely???
With the people sitting next to you create a list of at least 5 tips for partying safely. Use the 'Serving 2' pamphlet to give you some ideas.
The Art of Negotiation
Get into groups of four - two of you will be acting in the role of parents/caregivers. The other two will be acting as the teenagers like yourselves.
The teenagers have been invited to a party at a friend from schools house where there will be alcohol. You must give your parents/caregivers three legitimate reasons why you should be allowed to go. The Parents/caregivers need to give the teenagers three reasonable guidelines that they must follow in order to go to the party.
You have 10 minutes to come up with your role play together. A couple of groups will be asked to share theirs with the class.
Whatever you want to call it, turn to page 33 of the Hardwired textbook to read about Marijuana and its effects
Sniffing and Huffing
For a number of young people who get involved in drugs, it all starts with sniffing or huffing solvents. This is done with products found around the home and although the effects wear off quickly this does not mean that it is not serious or severely damaging to the users health.
Typically the effects hit fast, within seconds. The user feels drunk and at very high doses, my hallucinate. The effects usually wear off quickly often leaving a 'hung-over' feeling for a day or so. At this point it doesn't sound too bad, but the effects of sniffing and huffing can be very serious, even lethal and one of the worst things about solvent abuse is its potential to be a gateway to other drug use.
Possible Consequences
Sniffers and huffers can get injured and die as a result of accidents that occur while they are out of it.
Solvents can catch fire
Some fall out of consciousness and are suffocated by their glue bag
Users can choke on their own vomit
Aerosols and cleaning fluid in particular can cause the heart to just stop dead
Negative Effects
After prolonged use, the negative effects of using solvents begin to build up.
These include:
Memory loss
Inability to think
Easy Bleeding and Bruising
Damage to the central nervous system
Liver and kidney damage
Stomach and urinary pains
Muscular cramps
What are 'Designer' Drugs?
These designer drugs are manufactured chemicals. Some may have 'cool' names, or look expensively made and attractive but no matter what it is, pill, tab or powder, its just a drug.
Designer drugs are know to show up at top parties and night-clubs. They are expensive and come in and out of fashion like fads, a certain drug may be the 'cool' thing to do now, but in five years who knows...
Lets take a closer look...
In groups of about four you will be looking into a drug which you will randomly select. Each group member will be given a different focusing question to answer. You will use pages 39-42 of the Hardwired textbook to gather your information.
Once each of the questions has been answered, clearly and creatively compile your information on an A4 poster. These will be photocopied and made into an A5 size booklet for you to keep. Make sure your writing is clear, neat and in a colour which will photocopy well.
This rapidly powerful and addictive drug destroys the life of the user and the lives of those around them. This documentary speaks for itself as it outlines many of this dangerous drugs effects. The best advice you will ever receive regarding P is never try it - not even once.
Crystal Meth
Respect everyone's contributions
Be serious when we need to be serious
Respect everyone's opinions
Listen to others when they speak
Don't bring drugs/alcohol to class
Be open with your opinions if you wish
Make your own choices regarding drugs and alcohol - no peer pressure!
Don't be a hater - no judging
Do not be inappropriate in class
Sometimes we may feel like this is all our brain is capable of...
But the brain is amazing and is capable of so many things which we don't give it credit for...
An extraordinary example of the brains capability
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