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life of gautham Vinod

Muneeb Qadri

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Biography

Chapter 1
The Exciting Day An interesting but sad thing that happened a few months after Gautham's birth was that his grandfather died due to cancer. Chapter 2
Gautham and School Gautham
Vinod's Remarkable Life By Muneeb Qadri 8B Citations For high school Gautham, wants to join the AP (Advanced Placement) regional program. The AP program he wants to join is in Brampton at Central Peel. He wants to join the AP program because their, they teach 4 years of high school and 2 university courses in only 4 years. Gautham will be done 2 university courses in high school so will have time to do 2 more courses in university and get a better education in order to become a computer engineer. Gautham will soon realize if he will succeed or not. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/asia/india/
http://en.paperblog.com/helping-kids-identify-their-hot-feelings-156373/ Gautham's Mind
During School Chapter 3 Gautham's younger brother is 9 years old , very fit like his dad, has a great height for his age, and is very annoying but caring. Vinod Kumar Bindu Vinod Ruhul Vinod Gautham Vinod Gautham's Family Chapter 4
The Spark in his Life After Gauthams Amazing 3 years of freedom he had to attend preschool. On his first day of preschool Gautham felt very confined and trapped in the classroom because it was nothing like his life before school. Infact he thought his teachers voice was very annoying and started crying, which lead to him being picked up by his dad on his first day of preschool. Gautham ended up hating preschool. After going to preschool for a while, Gautham took a sudden interest in academics and began studying hard to achieve good grades. Despite his annoying teacher, He began to like preschool due to his amazing performance in academics. He did so well in academics that he got a national award from a person with great authority in his city Kerala. Preschool
For middle school Gautham and his family moved to Dubai. On the first day of middle school Gautham felt Anxious and afraid because he knew nothing about middle school and was in a new country. After about a few months in middle school he felt confident yet curious about his exams. Gautham began liking middle school as he got more experienced with it. Half way through his first middle school year, Gautam's favourite subject was science and his favourite teacher was Mrs. Rohini. His favourite subject was science because he was just naturally good at it. His favourite teacher was Mrs. Rohini because she was very kind to him and never had a hard time helping him out. At The end of grade 6 Gautham did not receive any awards but felt relieved of his Accountabilities as he enjoied his 2 long months of summer vacation. Gautham moved to Canada at the end of grade 7 and is currently in grade 8 at the valley senior public school in Mississauga, ON. Middle School High School Gautham Vinod was born in Kerala, southern India February 26th 1999 but originates from Dubai. He is currently 13 years old with no idea of which hospital he was born in. His parents named him after his father, whose first name is Vinod. Gautham was born at 6:54 am, and did not perform any religious ceremonies in celebration of his birth. Gautham's parents were very happy at his birth because he was their first child, and had no birthmarks. About Gautham What Happened Gautham's mom is 39 years old, has brown eyes, black hair, and is very nice and caring towards him. His dad is 43 years old, very fit and healthy because of working out, intelligent, and has very high academic standards for him. Gautham's family consists of 4 people, his mom Bindu Vinod, his dad Vinod Kumar, his younger brother Rruhul Vinod, and him Gautham Vinod. These are the members of Gautham's amazing family. Members Parents Siblings Relatives Gautham's two favourite relatives are his second oldest cousin Sanjay and his uncle Manoj. Gautham likes his second oldest cousin Sanjay because Sanjay likes him the most out of all his seven cousins , also because they are almost the same age and hangout with each other all the time. Gautham likes his uncle Manoj because he cares for him, buys him whatever he wants, and is always encouraging him to do well in academics. An example of Gautham's dad helping him out was when Gautham got a very bad mark on a major test, and got incredibly up set with himself. His parents were extremely angry at him but his dad came up to him and said "to make sure you do not repeat this I will help you study for every major test." and from that day onward Gautham never got a bad grade on a major test because of his dad. Gautham's dad is the most important person in his life because he has helped him with many problems by making him confident towards them. He also influences him to do the right thing when helping him out. Who? Why? How? Gautham's dad, Vinod kumar is the most important person in his life. Gautham describes his dad as a very kind and helpful person. Chapter 5
A Unique Personality Strengths Gautham's strengths are in academics. This is because Gautham has liked academics throughout his whole life, and has also received many awards for his incredible academic work. Gautham tends to do Astonishingly well in Science and Math because these two subjects are his favourite. Weaknesses Gautham's weaknesses are in independence. this is because he has a hard time thinking of ideas alone and can not pay attention to his work, but if he works in a group they can share ideas and get each other on task if needed to do so. therefore Gautham tends to not work well by himself and prefers to work in groups. Moods Gautham says that he usually has two moods one in school and one out side of school. The mood in school is a very weird mood because he feels angry and happy at the same time due to the teachers (angry) and fun activities (happy). The mood out side of school makes Gautham feel very free and relaxed because he gets to hang out with his friends and not be stuck in class. This is because Gautham gets relaxed by going outdoors. Opinion Gautham's opinion towards school is that it good because it offers a free education until collage or university and because you are capable of meeting all your friends during school. Beliefs Gautham's religion is Hindu. Gautham is very religious. He prays when needed and celibates all religious days like Diwali. Chapter 6
Feelings, so Many Feelings Happiness is
a video game Friendship is
a smart phone Unselfishness is
sharing a snack Table of Context Chapter 1: The Exciting Day..............................slides 4-8
Chapter 2: Gautham and School........................slides 9-13
Chapter 3: Family...............................................slides 14-20
Chapter 4: The Spark in his life...........................slides 21-24
Chapter 5: A Unique Personality.........................slides 25-30
Chapter 6: Feelings, So many Feelings................slides 31-44
Chapter 7: What he Does.....................................slides 45-49
Chapter 8: What he Hates....................................slides 50-52 Insecurity is
being alone Fear is
horrible Embarrassment is
a bad grade To Gautham Love is
a broken video games Anger is
danger Frustration is
a headache Honesty is
a good friend Hope is
confusion Chapter 7
What he Does Hobbies Gautham's hobbies are playing video games and reading book. He likes to do these things because they relax him. Jobs Gautham's jobs include doing the dishes and taking the trash out. Gautham does not like to do these jobs but since he is the oldest in his family he has the responsibility to do them. Activities in Leisure Time Gautham plays soccer and swims in his leisure time. He likes to do these activites in his leisure time because they helps him stay active and they're fun. Favourite form of Entertainment One of Gautham's favourite form of entertainment is listening to all kinds of music because he feels that it influences him to do something great every day of his life. Gautham's other form of entertainment is watching comedy, horror and action movies to get a break from his daily stress. What Bugs and annoys Gautham is bugged and annoyed by his smaller brother, some friends (no names mentioned) and clawing on a rough surface. He is bugged and annoyed by his smaller brother because he is always arguing with him even about the smallest things. He is bugged and annoyed by some of his friends because in class they constantly keep asking him questions which does not allow him to focus on his class work. He is bugged and annoyed by clawing on a rough surface because it causes him to get goosebumps which feel very weird. Gautham can definitely do without cats, the subject French in school and pollution. He can definitely do without cats because they can cause severe allergies and he just doesn't like them. Gautham can definitely do without the subject French because he's not good in it so he doesn't like it and it lowers his average percentage on his report card. He can definitely do without pollution because it causes massive destruction to our world and can end it. What not to have Chapter 8
What he Hates and Friends Friends Gauthams friends include Muneeb, Vishvam, Moazam, Able and Ahmad
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