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To Kill a Mockingbird Playlist

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Caetlin O'Brien

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird Playlist

To Kill a Mockingbird Playlist
Growing Up- Macklemore
Girl Can't Be Herself- Alicia Keys
Dear Scout,
Girl Can't Be Herself by Alicia Keys is a song about a strong female feeling like she can't be herself because the people around her want her to be something else. In Harper Lee's novel, you are defiant and strive to be your own person. You are a tom boy and beat people like Walter Cunningham up on the playground, even though that's not ladylike. In the song it says "When a girl can't be herself no more, I just wanna cry" it reminded me of your first day of school when you were forced to wear a dress, even though that's not what you wanted. Or when Aunt Alexandra told you that overalls aren't what you're supposed to be wearing, even though they are your favorite.
Same As It Ever Was- Michael Franti
Dear Atticus,
Same As It Ever Was by Michael Franti, is a song about racial inequality and injustice. In To Kill a Mockingbird you fight againt inequality and actively practice fighting injustice during your job as a lawyer. In the song, Franti says "If the world's full of anger, And everybody's got a gun, Then what should I say y'all, To my teenage son" I connected this to you because you have a young son who is about to become a teenager, and I know you do your best to relay your beliefs to him and Scout. You do your best to explain the world and how other people are, just like the singer of this song.
Imagine- John Lennon
Papa Don't Preach- Madonna
I Learned From You- Hannah Montana
White Azaleas- George Morgan
Miss. Maudie
I'll Be There For You- The Rembrandts
Miss. Maudie
Dear Atticus,
Imagine by John Lennon is a song all about picturing a world of equality for all, which is what you have been known to practice in your life, and work. In it, Lennon says "You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will be as one". In To Kill a Mockingbird, by taking Tom Robinsons case and unequivocolly defend him, you show Maycomb that you believe in equality, and that everyone else should too. Just like the song, you're a dreamer and you hope the world will live as one.

Dear Atticus,
Growing Up by Macklemore is an emotional song about being a father and teaching your children and the people around you what is right. In the song, Macklemore says They say I should be a strong man, But baby, I'm still filled with fear, Sometimes I don't know who I am, Sometimes I question why I'm here, I just wanna be a good dad, Will I be? I have no idea". In the novel TKAM, you are the best father you can be to your children Jem and Scout, but you still let them see your real emotions. Like when taking on the Tom Robinson trial, you are honest and full frontal with your feelings.
Dear Scout,
Papa Don't Preach by Madonna is a song written to a father explaining how they don't understand their daughters. I know you are a headstrong little girl and you don't like listening to the opinions of adults which is why the lyrics "But you should know by now, I'm not a baby, You always taught me right from wrong" fit wonderfully. You still value your fathers words and think he is wise, but would still like to be regarded as an adult.
Dear Scout,
Like I mentioned earlier, you are an independant, smart, and stubborn girl who doesn't like to listen to anyone, though still values the opinion and words of your father. That's why I Learned From You by Hannah Montana is perfect. The whole song is about how a little girl realizes she never appreciated her father enough when she was younger, but now values the way he raised her. "I didn't wanna listen to what you were sayin', I thought that I knew all I need to know, I didn't realize that somewhere inside me, I knew you were right but I couldn't say so". When your father told you his advice after your teacher told you to stop reading with him, you were grateful and maybe realized that you appreciate him more than you'd like to admit.
Dear Miss Maudie,
I picked White Azaleas by George Michael for you because I know your azaleas are you most prized posession. You are always in your garden tending to your flowers. You keep your azaleas safe from the frost and they are the most beautifull on the street.
Dear Miss Maudie,
The song I'll Be There For You by the The Rembrandts is all about someone being there for someone else. You're a neighbor that is always there for the Finch family, and they have your back when you need it. When the children need advice they come over and you help them. When your house caught on fire, the Finches were part of the team that tried to save it, and they offered you their home. Just like the lyrics "I'll be there for you, (When the rain starts to pour), I'll be there for you, (Like I've been there before), I'll be there for you, ('Cause you're there for me too)" you're there for your neighbors.
I Don't Care- Fallout Boy
Dolphus Raymond
Dear Mr. Raymond,
I Don't Care by Fallout Boy perfeclt captures your opinions on what other people think about you. In TKAM, you marry a black woman and have interacial children despite the disgust of many of your fellow citizens. In the song they say "I don't care what you think,As long as it's about me, The best of us can find happiness, in misery." In the book you live a happy life even though people judge you for it.
Thirteen- Elliot Smith
Dear Dill,
In the song Thirteen by Elliot Smith, the singer desrcibes playing during summer and having a wonderful childhood and a young love. In the novel, I know you and Scout share a special romantic friendship during the summers and you and Jem experience the most fun filled summers. In the song it says "Won't you let me walk you home from school?Won't you let me meet you at the pool?". In the summer, you Jem and Scout are alwasy doing things like that together.
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