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St FX welcome

general information for new parents

C Mc

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of St FX welcome

Welcome to
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School

Personal Achievement & Success
Education in Faith
Teaching & Learning
Parent Involvement
Schools as Core Social Centres (SACSC)
& Contemporary Learning
A new Australian Curriculum is currently being developed to be implemented in Vic 2013, Prep (Foundation) to 12.
The life and soul of St. Francis Xavier School is based on the example given to us by Jesus Christ. The caring, understanding, love and support for each other is present in all that we do.
Very Rev.
Fr. Denis Stanley
Parents, teachers and the St FX Parish work together to prepare their children for Reconciliation and Eucharist in year 3 and Confirmation in year 6.
Religious Education is the focal point, filtering through all areas of the curriculum creating a school community which has Jesus as the centre of the day to day happenings. Particiipation in Religious Education is compulsory for all students at St FX.

We provide our students with a diverse range of faith and life experiences that nurture their relationship with God.

We refer to the text ' To Know Worship and Love' when planning RE units of work.

Our Social Justice programs, includes running several initiatives, some of which are student initiated.
To Know, Worship & Love
Leadership & Management
Fees & Levies
Class Structure
Leadership Team
We integrate the curriculum to structure our learning and teaching program. Meaningful links between domains, supports the exploration of concepts through an inquiry approach.
St FX provides an inclusive, challenging and contemporary curriculum in spacious flexible learning spaces. The learning culture contains a number of elements:
Children attend mass regularly Whole school masses are planned throughout the year. Special days such as St Francis Xavier Feast day is a time when the whole school comes together Each class also joins in with the parish community to celebrate mass each term.
Prayer and reflection is a daily practice.
learning for all.
Collaborative learning
- supportive working environment where each person’s contribution is valued and a spirit of cooperation is evident with all involved in the educative process.
Customised learning
- the learning must match the learners needs.
Learner driven learning
- the learner indicates the learning; the learner has a"voice & choice"
Transformative learning
- the learning should transform the learner.
Health +

Music Dance Drama
Languages Other Than English


Physical Education


where authentic links can be made, specialist teachers plan their program to the unit of inquiry

Recognition theory
Positive Behaviour
Studies across the globe have repeatedly found ~ positive correlation between a parent’s school engagement and their child’s success at school.
Positive participation demonstrates to children that you value learning as well as their school.
You learn what happens at school.
We run on a tight budget and value your volunteered contribution
You will feel more connected to your community.
Volunteering is good for your mental health and well-being.
Together we can create an environment of mutual respect.
classroom helpers
parent & friends group
school board
sporting events
sewing, book covering
attending school events ie- showcase days, student progress meeting, parent support group meetings, social events, mass, prayer and liturgies, assemblies.

Comfortable me day is just one of our initiatives for promoting a positive self image.
Our leadership program is
Prep - year 6
Boys education, supports the girls too.
The simple message is - everyone wants to be recognised, from being greeted and welcomed to acknowledging achievement and success, we strive to build an inclusive community.
Bounce Back
with peers
with staff
Student Action Teams
Parent Information
Ardoch Volunteers
Networking with the community
multi-level classes
not composite classes.
A composite class usually implies two different
levels within the year being taught as two different groups
eg. the year ones being taught on one side of the room and a year twos on the other. Our classes are multi-level, which means the teacher teaches the class as a group of children all of whom are developing at their own level.
Deputy Principal
Religious Education Lead Teacher
Wellbeing / Welfare Lead Teacher
Community Position of Leadership
children wit resilkience ansd good social and personal skills do better in education and are more likely to enjoy life in childhood and later as adults
Parents are invited to discuss their child's progress at any time during the year. If you wish to speak for a length of time please ring to make a suitable time to talk.
Parent information sessions
St FX School Apps.
Student Progress meetings
Parent Support Groups meetings
School fees are a family fee set annually within the limits of the Catholic Education Office. Fees together with Govt. grants pay for the running costs of the school - utilities, building, equipment, insurance, resource development.
Levies are per student and cover the cost of curriculum items, school book list, IT stationary, excursion, interschool sporting events
God you are Father of all people.
In the beginning you put creation into our hands and
asked us to take care of it,
each according to our abilities.

We parents
have special care for the children you have given us.
As time goes by we watch them grow and grow up
and we come to realise how much they are capable of.
We watch them learn new skills ,
make new friends,
develop individual likes and dislikes.

Sometimes it is hard for us as parents to accept their growing up. we want to keep them dependent om us, it hurts that they don;t need us all the time any more.

But we will try to follow your example:
You took the risk of leaving things to us. give us the wisdom and understanding to do the right thing and the right time for our children.

Give us a growing trust in you and confidence in ourselves, so that we can be happy with our children and share with them your blessings.
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